GT Omega Sport Chair Review: A true game-changer

So, gaming chairs. They tend to get a bad rap, and honestly, I used to be one of those people who would give them a bad rap as well.

However, I've been using The GT Omega Sport Chair for over a week now... And I'm loving it!

So, let's jump in and take a closer look at the chair.


Now, as with all of these chairs, you have to assemble it yourself when it arrives. Once I had maneuvered the box into my front room, assembly was relatively straightforward using the provided instructions.

As opposed to leaving the various bolts and washers floating around in the box, all of these are installed in the base of the chair/armrests. This was a welcome sight for me as I tend to have a habit of losing just 1 or 2 bolts… However, just 1 or 2 bolts is often enough!

With that problem gone, putting the chair together was as simple as following the steps in the manual.

One thing to be aware of is the chair is quite wide. I would recommend building the Sport chair in the room it’s going to stay in!


Working a 9-5 from home means I spend a lot of time in the chair. So, having owned the GT Omega Sport Series chair for over a week now, how has it held up?

Well, honestly, incredibly well. The chair is huge, making it suitable for all frames and the base is firm yet comfy.

Having tried various ergonomic chairs in the past, it’s nice to see these GT Omega chairs are made to last, and I can see the base of the chair being comfy for years to come.

The GT Omega Sport Chair in situ at a streaming setup
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Style and comfort: The GT Omega Sport Chair is an excellent piece of equipment

The back support is well-positioned (and also optional, as it’s only attached via a clip) as is the back headrest. I don’t tend to use the headrest as I’m quite short, but I’m sure it will be perfect for some.


Finally, the chair fairs up well in terms of how you can set it up. You change everything from the height of the chair to the stiffness of the lean.

One particularly useful part is the adjustability of the armrests. The height of them, the position of the armrests in relation to the base, and even the angle of them can all be changed.

The full range offers different colour choices
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The full range offers different colour choices

This means you really can make the chair suitable for your sitting position.


So, overall, the chair is great and has thoroughly changed my opinion on ‘gaming chairs’.

It’s comfortable, can easily be made to suit the ‘sitter’, and is easy to construct. Some may be put off by the price but given how much use it will get it is an amazing deal.

The GT Omega Sport is a great fit for anyone’s setup, whether you're a work from home-aholic or an avid gamer.

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