The best PC settings to use for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is finally here, the next chapter in the first-person trilogy which began with 2017's Resident Evil 7.

The game has also launched on PC which is great news.

Here are the PC requirements and best settings to get the most out of your PC.

PC Requirements

Here are the official PC requirements for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Minimum Requirements
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Resident Evil Village Recommended Requirements
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Overall, the requirements are very reasonable, especially for a AAA in 2021.

While using ray tracing requires a higher-end GPU, such as the new Nvidia RTX 30 series, or AMD's new RX 6000 series, the requirements only show them for 4K with ray tracing, meaning you could likely get away with any of the RTX 20 series 1080p, or even 1440p gameplay with ray tracing enabled.

But, when it comes to real-world gameplay, the requirements realistically are a lot lower, the game can even be played without a GPU instead utilizing Intel or Ryzen chips that come with integrated graphics, such as the i5 11400 or Ryzen 3400G.

Realistic Expectations

For those that are aiming to play Resident Evil Village in 4K with ray tracing, it is very likely you will need a high-end GPU to handle it.

But, for the rest of us who don't play at 4K, perhaps opting for a lower resolution but with a higher refresh rate, you might get away with lower-end parts.

Resident Evil Village 1440p ray tracing
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1440p With Ray Tracing

Resident Evil Village 1440p no ray tracing
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1440p Without Ray Tracing

My computer setup consists of an AMD Ryzen 3700X along with an Nvidia RTX 3070 and I am able to get around 80-100fps in 1440p with ray tracing while in outdoor areas, such as those seen in the demo, and a fairly consistent 110-120fps indoors, such as the castle, this is with every setting as maxed out as they will go.

Without ray tracing those numbers bump up to around 100-120fps outdoors, and 120-144fps indoors.

Moving over to 1080p and my frames are hitting between 144 and 165 with ease.

Best PC Settings

Here are some settings to tweak to maximize frames, and also ones you can crank without it affecting performance too much.

  • Frame Rate - If your monitor goes beyond 120fps, set this at variable so you can exceed 120fps.
  • Vertical Synchronization - Leave this on.
  • Image Quality - Leave this at 1, increasing it will essentially render the game at a higher resolution and then downsize it, kind of the opposite of DLSS. This puts extra strain on your system with very little image quality difference, or at least not enough to justify the huge impact on performance.
  • FidelityFX CAS - Leave on
  • Texture Quality - Ramping this up could take your memory requirements over the limit, maxing this out says it needs 9.3GB of VRAM for me, my GPU only had 8GB. However, for some reason this option has been messed up since Resident Evil 2 Remake and turning it to max doesn't really impact performance but gives better visual quality. So turn this up as high as you can and lower if needed. But even on my old GTX 1070, I could take it to 12GB on RE2R while maintaining around 120-144fps.

Then the rest of the settings are a more personal preference to suit your needs in terms of performance.

I have every maxed out and getting great performance from the game, but things like anti-aliasing or shadow quality could be reduced if needed.

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