Dead By Daylight Project W Introduces Albert Wesker as a Killer

Behaviour Interactive's Dead by Daylight has become a melting pot of horror through all of its various crossovers with iconic IPs and now we have Dead By Daylight Project W to continue the growth of the game.

Project W has finally been revealed, giving us a look at three new characters from the survival horror franchise Resident Evil, including a brand new killer for you to chase your friends as.

Here is everything we know about Dead By Daylight Project W.

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Play as Albert Wesker in Dead By Daylight Project W

As the title suggests, the star of the Dead By Daylight Project W is the primary series antagonist for the Resident Evil franchise, Albert Wesker.

Taking the role of Killer in this newest DLC, Albert Wesker joins series favourite Nemesis in hunting down survivors across the various different maps.

This version of Albert Wesker is based on his design in 2009s Resident Evil 5 and will have powers similar to that title's Uroboros series of bioweapons. It's currently not known what other powers the Dead by Daylight Project W version of Wesker will have but they will likely be inspired by his many different appearances in the franchise.

Dead By Daylight Project W Ada Wong Reveal
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Dead By Daylight Project W will also see two survivors added to the game with both Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers joining the growing roster.

Ada Wong's design seems to be inspired by her look in the Resident Evil 2 Remake from 2019. Stealth and agility-based abilities are the most likely strengths of this character.

Rebecca Chambers meanwhile is inspired by her look in the Remakes of Resident Evil and its prequel, Resident Evil 0. Due to her role as a medic in the series, it is pretty clear that healing and support abilities will be the focus of her character, showing as much in the reveal trailer for Dead by Daylight Project W.

The final addition that will be made via Dead by Daylight Project W is a new and improved version of the RPD map. The map has received many quality-of-life updates based on player feedback and has now been split into two maps for both the East and West Wings.

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