Nike Ja 1 Day One OUT NOW - Release date, price, and where to buy

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Ja Morant, guard for the Memphis Grizzlies and one of the brightest young talents in the NBA, was announced to have signed to Nike's signature roster not that long ago. As a result, he has now received his first signature sneaker.

Originally revealed by Nike Basketball via Instagram, Morant's debut sneaker is known as the Ja 1 "Day One" and represents 12’s dedication to the game, his exceptional work ethic, and his roots.

This is somewhat of a milestone for Nike, with Ja Morant being the brand's first Gen Z signature athlete. Nike has said, "he represents the next generation of basketball players who are shaping the future of the game."

But with the future in mind, how exactly does the Ja 1 compare to Nike's current crop of basketball shoes? Let's take a closer look at the sneaker to find out... here's everything we know about the Nike Ja 1 "Day One" so far...

Nike Ja 1 "Day One" release date

After considerable speculation surrounding the release date, Nike has now confirmed that the "Day One" Ja 1 is out now as of the 19 April 2023.

The sneakers dropped at 3:00 PM GMT+1, so make sure you act fast if you're itching to get hold of a pair because it looks as though they could sell out fast. If you're still unsure whether to purchase a pair, then perhaps a closer look at the design will inspire you...

Nike Ja 1 "Day One" design

The Ja 1 "Day One" features a design that perhaps doesn't immediately scream basketball if you're more familiar with the likes of the Jordan 1 from the '80s.

However, its low-cut, athletic look is more akin to the type of basketball shoe seen in the modern game, with the aforementioned LeBron XX featuring a similar tennis shoe-like aesthetic.

Nike Ja 1 "Day One" product image of a Cobalt Blue, pink, yellow, and faded lime sneaker.
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Credit: Nike Basketball

In terms of the colourway, the sneakers appear to combine a bright blue base with a myriad of bright, bold colours.

For instance, the sole combines yellow with a soft pink underneath. Also, the wrapped-around Swoosh transitions from a citrus green into red and pink to completely contrast the blue base.

Nike Ja 1 "Day One" product image of a Cobalt Blue, pink, yellow, and faded lime sneaker.
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Credit: Nike Basketball

Towards the heel, you'll find a section of black complete with "AM 12" etched in pink in reference to Morant himself. Nike has also included a new "JA” logo which sits above the chevron to highlight the signature design.

Technology-wise, the shoes feature a dynamic midfoot lockdown system to keep you lock-in with the flexibility to move, Air Zoom bags to help with quick, explosive bursts of energy, plus raised sidewall guardrails designed to support takeoff and landing on two feet alongside the foam collar and ankle support.

Nike Ja 1 "Day One" product image of a Cobalt Blue, pink, yellow, and faded lime sneaker.
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Credit: Nike Basketball

It's also worth mentioning that two additional colours have been revealed, one in pink known as the "Chimney" colourway, and the other in bright blue and red called "Scratch".

However, the "Day One" is the first colourway to hit the shelves. If you're interested in picking up a pair, then here's what we know about the price...

Nike Ja 1 "Day One" price

The initial announcement of the Ja 1 didn't confirm the price. However, Nike later revealed more information, and, in doing so, confirmed that the shoes cost $110 as per the rumours ahead of time,

According to Nike, this makes it the most affordable Nike Basketball Signature footwear on the market. Still interested in a pair? Here's where you can buy...

Where to buy the Nike Ja 1 "Day One"

The first place we'd recommend checking out for a pair of the "Day One" Ja 1s is the Nike store. You should also be able to find the sneakers listed on resale marketplace apps like StockX if you miss out on the chance to purchase a pair from Nike

To find out more, check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

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