Best Sports Ticket Sites 2023

A crowd of sports fans holding up green and white scarves.
Credit: Elio Santos

A crowd of sports fans holding up green and white scarves.
Credit: Elio Santos

With the likes of the NFL and the Premier League back in full swing, you may find yourself eager to secure tickets to witness your favourite professional athletes in action live and in person. Securing seats isn't easy though, which is why we've put together a list of the best sports ticket sites to help you out.

We've selected five top platforms to purchase tickets, evaluating them based on user-friendliness, simplicity, and any exceptional features that elevate the ticket-buying experience, be it for a thrilling football match or any other sporting event.

This is particularly useful to resist the allure of watching sports comfortably from your own home. In our experience, attending a live sporting event is an unforgettable and exhilarating experience that simply can't be matched sitting on a sofa.

So, if you're in pursuit of tickets to epic Champions League matches from reputable platforms like SeatGeek or aiming to be part of the NFL's electrifying season through their official partner, Ticketmaster, you've come to the right place.

To address any queries you might have on this journey, we've taken care to include answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, ensuring you're well-equipped for your next ticket purchase. Without further ado, let's delve into the finest sports ticketing websites.

Best sports ticket sites

  1. StubHub
  2. Ticketmaster
  3. SeatGeek
  4. VividSeats
  5. ticketiQ
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Credit: StubHub

1. StubHub

StubHub is one of the biggest and best places to buy sports tickets around, with the site offering over 60 different types of sports events for you to choose from, including NBA, NFL, Premier League, and even international football fixtures.

The site is also incredibly easy to use in our opinion, as you can easily filter through sports, and then again by events, through the drop-down menus across the top.

Changing location is just one click away as well if you're looking for tickets to an event in another city, plus you can select custom dates if the event you're looking for is over a month in the future.

Moreover, the website provides a preview of the view from each seat, allows you to sort tickets by price, best value, and best seats, and ensures every ticket sold is 100% legitimate thanks to FanProtect Guarantee, thus making it one of the best sports ticket sites around.

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Credit: Ticketmaster

2. Ticketmaster

For UK-based sports though, we feel it's hard to look past Ticketmaster when it comes to buying tickets online.

What we like about the site, in particular, is that it features one of the best refund policies around. With Fan Guarantee, you have three days to get your money back on most tickets sold, regardless of the circumstance, with full refunds offered if an event is cancelled.

It also provides ticket alerts on both availability and price, giving you the best chance possible at securing tickets to even the most highly sought-after sports events.

Again, the site guarantees each sale and is, therefore, definitely one we'd recommend checking out.

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Credit: SeatGeek

3. SeatGeek

SeatGeek stands out as a premier ticket platform for US sports, boasting a user-friendly interface, an exceptional search engine, and an extensive array of ticket options.

In addition to its impressive features, SeatGeek regularly offers deals and discounts, ensuring you can secure tickets at the most competitive and affordable prices.

The website also provides a comprehensive support section that addresses frequently asked questions, covering various policies such as contingency plans for events postponed due to inclement weather, for example.

Furthermore, SeatGeek provides a convenient mobile app for both iOS and Android, allowing you to access their services on the go. With this in mind, we highly recommend exploring the website when seeking tickets to US sports events.

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Credit: VividSeats

4. VividSeats

VividSeats has numerous appealing qualities, but its standout feature is undoubtedly its distinctive rewards program. By purchasing tickets through the app, loyal customers can receive up to 8% credit, making it an excellent choice for avid sports event attendees.

Additionally, the website boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the ticket-buying process. With the convenient drop-down menu on the right, you can effortlessly search for sports events, specific teams, or even browse through different sports categories.

To stay updated on upcoming sports fixtures, VividSeats offers a "Top Picks This Week" section, ensuring you never miss out on exciting matches and events either, making it a great place to browse for sports tickets.

ticketiQ logo of a blue box with "ticket" in white and "iQ" in orange beneath.
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Credit: ticketiQ

5. ticketiQ

Completing our list, ticketiQ stands out by providing fee-free tickets to renowned global sports events like the NBA Finals and NFL Superbowl.

With ticketiQ, you can rest assured that every ticket sold undergoes authentication before dispatching, earning them an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Moreover, their dedicated customer service team is available in real-time to address any inquiries or resolve any concerns related to your order. So, considering these factors, we consider ticketiQ to be one of the finest sports ticket websites available.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There are often a ton of questions that arise when trying to buy tickets to sporting events. Don't worry though, because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

Are sports ticket sites trustworthy?

As mentioned earlier, the ticket websites listed in our recommendations come with various assurances to ensure your satisfaction when attending a sporting event.

For instance, ticketiQ stands out by meticulously verifying each purchase and offering refunds in case of event cancellations or postponements. Furthermore, the majority of these websites promise punctual ticket delivery prior to the event and guarantee the tickets' validity for entry.

However, if you harbor any reservations about a website's authenticity, we highly recommend delving deeper into specific guarantees to ensure your peace of mind regarding your purchase.

What's the difference between primary and secondary sports ticket sellers?

A primary ticket seller is someone who provides tickets first-hand, with most websites working with the seller directly to agree upon the ticket price.

In contrast, a secondary seller offers tickets obtained from a third party or tickets acquired directly and then resold to customers. This practice becomes more prevalent when an event officially sells out, but individuals still seek tickets from alternative sources.

Can you cancel sports ticket orders?

After placing an order, the majority of websites typically do not provide the option to cancel your purchase, as they may have already initiated the process of arranging the delivery with the supplier. As a result, most sales are considered final, unless there is an event cancellation, postponement, or rescheduling, as previously mentioned. In such cases, you can generally expect to receive a refund, credit, or replacement tickets of equal or superior quality.

What's the best way to make sure you don't miss out on sports tickets?

Other than becoming a season ticket holder, the best way to make sure you don't miss out on tickets is to sign up for mailing lists and notifications to help you keep on top of every ticket drop.

Some companies also offer early access to tickets if you're a customer, and some teams even reserve tickets for fan events where you can pick up tickets in person.

Keep in mind though that fan events can be quite time-consuming, and you're not guaranteed to pick up tickets to the sporting event you're planning to attend.

How easy is it to buy sports tickets?

The popularity of a particular sporting event usually determines how difficult or easy it is to get tickets. For instance, hundreds of thousands of people will usually be vying to secure seats for the Super Bowl before they sell out, with ultra-fast bots also proving to be an increasingly common issue that makes it even more tricky to secure your own tickets.

However, regular league games or pre-season friendlies tend to be a lot easier to come by, so it really just depends on the popularity of the event.

Are there any additional fees or charges when purchasing from sports ticket sites?

Yes, when purchasing from sports ticket sites, there may be additional fees or charges involved. For example, many sports ticket sites charge service fees for facilitating ticket purchases. These fees can vary in amount and are typically added to the ticket price at the checkout stage.

Some ticket sites may apply processing fees to cover the costs of handling and processing your ticket order. These fees are often separate from the ticket price and can vary in amount.

If you choose to have physical tickets shipped to your address, there might be delivery fees associated with that service. The fee amount may depend on the shipping method you select (e.g., standard mail, or express delivery).

Finally, if you decide to resell tickets through the ticket site's platform, there may be fees or commissions charged on the resale transaction. These fees are typically deducted from the final sale price.

It's important to carefully review the ticket site's terms and conditions, including their pricing and fee structure, before making a purchase. The fees and charges can vary between different ticket sites, so it's advisable to compare options and factor in any additional costs when considering your ticket purchase.

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