Best Skateboard 2021: Top Picks For Beginners, Skate Parks, And More

There's a lot to factor into picking the best skateboard, especially considering the wide variety of styles and brands available, all differing in price.

Thankfully, you've come to the right place as we've put together this list based on features, price, and reviews, highlighting some of the key differences that we feel make each of these boards stand out from the crowd.

From well-rounded boards for all experience levels, like this Primitive Skateboarding Dirty P Creation, to boards more suitable for beginners, like this WhiteFang Skateboard, we've got you covered right here.

Best Skateboard

Best All-Round Skateboard – Primitive Skateboarding Dirty P Creation

Best skateboard Primitive Skateboarding product image of the underside of the board that features a flowery design and a big, white 'P' for Primitive in the centre.
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Image Credit: Primitive Skateboarding

Brand: Primitive Skateboarding | Deck Size: 8.25" x 32" | Pre-Assembled: Yes

The L.A.-based brand Primitive was created by pro skater Paul Rodriguez, and they have built a reputation for manufacturing some of the top skateboards around like this Dirty P Creation.

The deck is engineered out of 7-ply maple wood for strength purposes and Primitive boasts its trucks are extremely stable whilst also offering very good steering characteristics.

Moreover, Primitive has designed the wheels to work on all types of terrain, from smooth concrete skateparks to rough pavements or roads.

It's also worth noting that the Dirty P Creation comes fully assembled which should be ideal for beginners or seasoned pros who just want to pick up and board and start skating.

Best Skateboard For Beginners – WhiteFang Skateboard

Best skateboard WhiteFang product image of the top and bottom of the board where the underside features a USA flag design.
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Image Credit: WhiteFang

Brand: WhiteFang | Deck Size: 7.88" x 31.75" | Pre-Assembled: Yes

If you're just starting your skateboarding journey, you'll no doubt be looking for a board to provide you with as much support as possible.

With that being said, this WhiteFang board may be your answer with its 95A high rebound PU bushing and ABEC-9 precision bearings which are designed for taking sharp turns, even at high speed.

Moreover, WhiteFang boasts its high-speed wheels offer super smooth skateboarding across all surfaces and the best balance control possible to the rider.

WhiteFang has created this board with beginners in mind so, if you're new to the sport, then the WhiteFang Skateboard might be for you.

Best Skateboard On A Budget – Minority Maple

Best skateboard Minority product image of the underside of the board featuring an abstract yellow and grey design with 'Minority Skateboard' branding across it.
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Image Credit: Minority

Brand: Minority | Deck Size: 8" x 32" | Pre-Assembled: Unspecified

Minority is renowned for its top-notch engineering, construction, and materials designed to withstand most wear and tear and work for any skill level.

The Minority Maple board looks like it continues this trend being made out of 7-ply hardrock maple wood that is cold-pressed for a sturdy design that can hold up to 220lbs.

The board also comes with ABEC-9 bearings made of chrome steel, and 52mm, 102A-hardness, polyurethane wheels which, Minority boasts, can reach top speed from just three kicks.

With 11 designs available, there is likely a Minority Maple board out there to suit your style so should definitely be one to consider.

Best Longboard Skateboard – Atom Longboards All-Terrain Board

Best skateboard Atom Longboards product image of both the baseplate and underside which features a wood-like design and Atom branding.
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Image Credit: Atom Longboards

Brand: Atom Longboards | Deck Size: 39" | Pre-Assembled: Unspecified

If you're looking for a board to cruise either on the road or off it, then this Atom Longboards All-Terrain Board might be for you.

It comes with MBS 100mm x 65mm all-terrain wheels cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane which are designed to deliver the perfect blend of on-road speed and off-road traction.

The bearings are rubber shielded ABEC-9 that have been covered in a high-speed lubricant to help you pick up some serious speed as you ride.

With its sturdy maple deck and large, all-terrain wheels, the Atom Longboard should be a great option to consider for rougher, more challenging skates.

Best Penny Board Skateboard – Penny Australia Bright Light Board

Best skateboard Penny Australia product image of a penny board with a black deck, bright, light blue wheels, and red trucks.
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Image Credit: Penny Australia

Brand: Penny Australia | Deck Size: 27" | Pre-Assembled: Yes

From a longboard to something much shorter, this Bright Light Board has been designed to be a handy way of getting yourself around busy paved streets.

It comes with ABEC-7 bearings and 59mm, 83A polyurethane wheels which are more suited to street skating as opposed to doing tricks in a skatepark.

Moreover, the waffle-grip, non-slip deck should help keep your feet firmly planted to the board as you race your way through roads and pavements.

Ultimately, if a penny board is what you're after, then you probably won't find may better than this Bright Light Board.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skateboards

People tend to have a lot of questions regarding skateboards, especially as there are loads of variations out there.

Don't worry though because we're here to clear up some of the more typical queries you may have.

What Type Of Skateboard Should You Get?

There is an abundance of different boards out there for a number of different skating styles, so picking the right one for you is important.

You're 'standard' skateboard may be referred to as a double-kick board as it has two kick points at either end, allowing for the execution of all manner of flip tricks which are more suited to park skating.

A longboard on the other hand is more suited for transport and cruising around thanks to its tight turns and smooth ride.

A plastic mini-cruiser, or penny board, is also used predominately for transport and is particularly handy for carrying around with you thanks to its small size.

What Does ABEC Mean For Bearings?

ABEC stands for the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee whose purpose is to establish dimensions, tolerances, geometry, and noise standards for bearings in an attempt to help manufacturers and users in the production.

All quality manufacturers around the world manufacture to at least ABEC-1 standard but, as found throughout this list, the top skateboards normally come with an ABEC rating above 7.

How Do You Maintain A Skateboard?

Many brands will advise against riding your board through puddles, rain, or in the sand as this can damage or cause friction with your wheels and bearings.

It is also recommended you replace your blushing around every 6 months as they do flatten and become stiffer over time.

In fact, it's good practice to replace the parts as and when needed as damaged parts can make your board unsafe and difficult to ride.

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