What is the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass?

If you're looking to play Rainbow Six Extraction with friends but they don't own the game, fear not! The Buddy Pass system allows anyone who owns the full version of the game to invite their friends to play with them for up to 14 days.

It's one of the most unique ways to allow players to try out the game without any financial commitment. There are some rules that need to be followed, so let us explain how the Buddy Pass works in full!

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Details

For anyone who owns a full retail or digital copy of Rainbow Six Extraction, they have access to two Buddy Pass invites. This means that Game Pass players will not have any to use as they do not own the game.

To use these, their friends must download the Trial Version of the game and accept an invite from the player who owns Rainbow Six Extraction. If you have been invited to play Extraction via a Buddy Pass, you have access to the full game only when in a party with the player who invited you.

Your access to the game also ends after 14 days. Any progress you make on the trial version of Extraction while using a Buddy Pass will carry over into the full game should you choose to purchase it.

The Buddy Pass system was actually expected to be available from launch day but was delayed due to the pressure it could put on servers. With Rainbow Six Extraction being on Xbox Game Pass, the Buddy Pass system probably has more use on PlayStation and PC systems.

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The Buddy Pass in included with all versions of the game

It's a great initiative regardless as it allows players to team up and take on the game with only one having to pay for the game up-front. While it's arguable that this is a complicated version of a demo, we think it actually a perfect system for the type of game that Extraction is.

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