Is Rainbow Six Extraction a game or DLC?

When Rainbow Six Extraction was first shown off, there were many questions about the title and what it was looking to achieve. For long-time Rainbow Six fans, Siege has been too difficult to get into due to its online-centric gameplay.

Many players are looking to return to an offline experience and Extraction seemed to be offering this opportunity albeit with some co-op potential too. So, is Extraction a brand new Rainbow Six game or is it just a DLC for Siege looking to expand that long-running experience?

Is Rainbow Six Extraction a game or DLC?

Rainbow Six Extraction is in fact a brand new game in the Rainbow Six franchise. It's being touted as a three-player cooperative shooter. The game will be entirely PvE (player vs environment) and no other human players are involved outside of your squad.

As for solo payers, you'll be pleased to know that it looks possible to play through Rainbow Six Extraction without teammates but it's not being pushed at the optimal way to play.

It is not likely that Extraction will support split-screen co-op but will require you to team up with friends via online private lobbies. Full online matchmaking will also be available for anyone open to playing with random players around the world.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Free-to-Play?

No! As we've already established, Extraction is a standalone release in the Rainbow Six series and will receive full retail and digital releases.

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It is a paid release with no subscriptions attached so a one-off purchase will get you access to Rainbow Six Extraction for as long as you wish to play it! The retail price is currently trending well below standard meaning you can grab the top edition of the game for under £50/$60.

This is likely a reflection of the content within the game and not the quality of the overall game.

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