PUBG: Question Mark Crowned PCS7 Europe Champions

Question Mark has emerged from the smoke of PCS7 as the champions after a well-deserved win.

They have shown their worth this weekend as they played consistently well with their heads held high.

This lead to their success and meant they lifted the trophy high yesterday!

So, let's take a look at how the team got to their win and how well they have played in the PCS7 Europe.

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Question Mark's roster for PCS7

Question Mark's roster consisted of...

  • Roman ‘ADOUZ1E’ Zinovev
  • Daniil ‘DaNte’ Miusskii
  • Mansur ‘f1lfirst’ Tsimpaev
  • Akezhan ‘HoBBitEz’ Baltashev

They all bravely battled their way through 15 different squads over a period of six days to get their win.

PCS7 prize pool

Question Mark will now get their share of the $250,000. This will be the highest share at a whopping $60,000.

PCS7 winners
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This is in addition to automatic qualification for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022.

The prize pool is further enhanced by crowdfunding, with net sales of PCS7 in-game items being split with finalists from all four PUBG Esports regions.

So, what now for Question Mark?

However, despite all their hard work and effort, Question mark will not be getting much of a break.

Prepping for their spot at the PGC 2022, their work is still hefty and will continue for a while.

PCS7 logo
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The following teams will be competing against some of the best PUBG players in the globe.

  • Question Mark - PCS7 Champions
  • Northern Lights
  • Entropiq
  • FaZe Clan
  • Polish Power
  • NAVI
  • BBL Esports

They will face off against 24 more teams from 3 other regions for a share of a $2,000,000 prize pool.

The PUBG Global Championship 2022 will be an offline (LAN) tournament, with 32 teams and over 128 players invited to Dubai from 1 - 20 November.

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