PUBG Mobile 1.9 Release COUNTDOWN

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PUBG Mobile was a pretty huge step for the team but the overwhelming support from the community has had a noticeably great impact on the game. With PUBG Mobile 1.9 set to make some even bigger changes, here's what you should know before release.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Release Date

After a handful of teases, PUBG Mobile 1.9 finally launches worldwide today, March 18th. It is set to go live at the following times:

  • 5 am PT
  • 8 am ET
  • 12 am UTC

Get the game updated and ready in time.

What's New?

The new PUBG Mobile update comes with a new spawn island, a new battlefield, colourful bikes and camps added around the map. As well as this, there are some general bug fixes, better mantling, competitive racing, ziplines and tonnes of other ways of getting around the map.

Needless to say, this is a pretty huge update.

Patch Notes

This update's patch notes are huge so here are just a few standout choices. You can read them all here.

New Camps

Large-scale resource camp

- Vibrant Plaza. Check out the Bicycle Exhibit and other special anniversary areas. There are extra supply crates waiting for you!

Small-scale resource camp

- Vibrant Camp. Check out memory exhibits voted on by players, and activate them to relive happy moments. Collect combat supplies and souvenirs.

New small-scale military-themed camps

- Vehicle Scanning: The Vehicle Radar has been added. Activate it to learn the location of nearby vehicles to easily find them.

- Anniversary-themed graffiti created by players appear on nearby buildings. Check them out with your teammates.

New Firearms Depot

- Firearms Depot: Search for Access Cards to open Firearms Depots on the second floor to get extra supplies.

Other Updates and Improvements

- Added new anniversary celebration gameplay achievements. Complete missions to get exclusive limited-time achievements.

- Adjusted the display of the MVP screen and friend screen in some modes.

- Added a feature to view the status of progress missions and collect rewards from the mission result panel in the new Progress Missions system.

- Added information about recently added point-scoring rules to the results screen.

- Improved the jump logic to make the jumping experience smoother.

- Improved the shadows of characters, as well as the quality of characters' shadows in the lobby.

- Improved the backend touch processing to make Aftermath Livik play and control more smoothly on low-end devices.

- Improved the firearm firing process to make firing smoother in Aftermath.

- Fixed an issue that caused frame rate instability when using 90FPS high frame rate on some Qualcomm Snapdragon chip devices.

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