The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Codes: Where to Find and How to Open Each Safe

When working your way through the post-apocalyptic and spore-ridden streets of The Last of Us Part 1 on your PS5, you should be looking at your surroundings for various resources to help your journey.

One of the more important and easy-to-miss resource spots you should be looking for, however, are the various safes scattered throughout the game.

Unlocking those safes can be a bit of a hassle, however, so here is a breakdown of each of the codes so you can get access to all the goodies hidden inside.

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What is The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Codes?

Here is how to find all The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Codes
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Tracking down The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Codes can be a tricky part of the game, often being tucked away in areas of the maps you wouldn't consider looking in or easily miss.

Below we have broken down each of the four safes, letting you find them a lot easier and have even supplied the codes for those of you who don't want to hunt for the collectables.

Safe #1

Where is the first safe in The Last of Us Part 1
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The first safe can be found after the crumbling Skyscraper when playing as Joel with Tess and Ellie. Eventually, you'll drop down into a ruined subway with an underground square of shops which is crawling with clickers. On the left side of this area, you can find the safe code in a collectable titled "Note for Derek".

The safe itself is located on the opposite side of the area and can be opened with the code (03-43-78), getting you 50 parts for upgrades. The downside to this is that you'll need to sneak your way through all the clickers.

Safe #2

The second safe in The Last of Us Part 1 can be found in Bill's Town
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The second safe is a lot easier (and a lot less scary) to find, being on the high street of Bill's Town, being found after you lift Ellie over the fence to open up the gate for you.

To find the code, head as far down the street as you possibly can, stopping to loot some of the stores along the way for some useful items. Right at the end of the street, you can find a roadblock and in that roadblock, you'll be able to find the code strung among the barbed wire.

After you find it, turn around and stick to the left side of the street where you'll quickly find the safe next to a rusted pickup truck. Open the safe using the code (05-17-21) and get 50 parts, 5 supplements and hunting rifle ammo.

Safe #3

Safe 3 in The Last of Us Part 1 can be found in the Pittsburgh Hotel
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The third safe is another easy and safe one to collect for yourself but the code is a little more complicated this time around, being tucked away somewhere which looks inaccessible.

To find the code, for the hotel safe, pick up the ladder on the left-hand side of the lobby and carry it all the way to the back, left of the ruined staircase. Climb up, slide across the thin ledge and continue climbing until you find an open staircase.

The safe meanwhile can be found in the lobby behind the reception desk and can be unlocked with the code (22-10-56), giving you a manual to increase your shiv durability, 50 parts, revolver ammo and an explosives recipe.

Safe #4

The Last of Us Part 1 has a safe hidden in the area after you escape the sewers with Henry and Sam.
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The final safe can be found after you escape the sewers with Henry and Sam. When walking through the suburbs looking for their safehouse, you need to search the area before the sniper encounter. Look for a blue ice cream truck and search the house on the left.

The code can be found upstairs in the attic den inside of the matchbook collectable. The safe meanwhile is down a floor and in the master bedroom, clearly visible. Use the code (08-21-36) to get a reward of 10 supplements, 50 parts and some shotgun ammo.

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