Returnal PS5 Gameplay Showcases A New Look At Housemarque's PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Returnal is one of the next PS5 exclusives hitting Sony's console on March 19, 2021. Housemarque has just released a few small snippets of Returnal PS5 gameplay in the developer's latest podcast.

Latest Returnal PS5 Gameplay Showcased

The new gameplay from the almost 10-minute long podcast is brief but does give us a new look at the game's arcade third-person shooting and action.

We also get another look at some of the familiar enemies we have already seen, as well as the UI, which is simplistic, sleek and clean.

Within the podcast, Housemaque discusses the shift the team have made, moving away from the 2D arcade games they used to make, to the 3D experience of Returnal.

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Returnal is easily Housemarque's most ambitious title to date, being a showcase game for PS5.

The core of the experience that Housemaque offer, which is bright, flashy weapons, with tight action and difficulty remain but that has been translated to a AAA experience for Sony's PS5 as a part of PlayStation Studios.

Returnal adds verticality to Housemarque's gameplay and a host of different weapons, abilities, and powers will add more variety to each run through the game's roguelike experience.

The game focuses on fast traversal through jumping, dodging, and using tools like a hook shot which can pull you across areas and to new locations.

The game will also use the DualSense's Adaptive Triggers, resulting in a half-press firing the weapon normally and a full press firing the weapon's alternate fire, such as a large beam or explosion.

You can watch the new Returnal PS5 gameplay below from the HouseCast podcast:

Revealed back at the PS5 reveal event in June, Returnal is Housemarque's biggest game to date, mostly releasing smaller arcade titles for PlayStation consoles.

Despite this, the studio has a loyal fanbase and PlayStation gamers have long loved and supported their work, with the team being lauded as one of the only developers of classic "bullet-hell" arcade games.

The game follows Selene who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet filled with Ancient civilisations. She has to use the tools and technology she finds to survive and escape the isolated planet.

The team then switched to a more popular style of gameplay, classic third-person action with Stormdivers, but that battle-royale was put on hold so that the team could work on Returnal.

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Stormdivers didn't manage to pick up a strong audience in Early Access and the project is currently on hold.

We are still yet to get a firm idea of the structure, length, and replayability of Returnal, but hopefully, we will see more in the coming weeks!

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