PS5 Themes look to be on the way following Stranger Things leak

"Themes" are commonplace for game consoles nowadays, allowing you to have your homescreen more personal to you.

Well, it looks as if the first theme for PS5 has been confirmed - reaffirming that the Next Gen console will also receive the theme treatment!

The Upside Down

Stranger Things has been a phenomenon since it landed on Netflix back in 2016.

Well, the streaming smash flips the gaming world Upside Down with a collaoboration with Behaviour Interactive title Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter arrived as a DLC for the game back in September 2019, but we now know this will now be ported over to PS5 in a game bundle.

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IT'S BEHIND YOU - Are you brave enough to take on the Stranger Things chapter?

This listing, which has since been altered, states the following bonuses for Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Edition:

“The Stranger Things Edition of Dead by Daylight includes all the content of the Special Edition, three original chapters (Curtain Call, Shattered Bloodline, Darkness Among Us), the Stranger Things chapter and an exclusive Dead by Daylight – Stranger Things PS5 theme.”

Slip-up or Leak?

With any mention of PS5 now removed from the listing, you wonder whether this was an error, or just a leak.

Sony is yet to show off the official UI for the PS5.

On PS4, the UI was barely customisable aside from icons that changed with various themes.

The Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Edition costs £32.99 / $39.99 on the PS Store, with PS Plus members receiving 20% off.

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