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05 Nov 2020

PS5 Stock: Next-Gen console sold out in Japan with no more stock for launch

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PS5 Stock in Japan

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The PS5

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Where to purchase a PS5?

Sony has announced that the PS5 has sold out in Japan, with no more stock expected come launch day.

Pre-orders in the country were based on a lottery, with winning tickets being able to secure the console.

This differs from the West, where the console was sold on a first-come first-served basis.

Let's take a look at the console shortage now!

PS5 Stock in Japan

The main issue concerning the purchase of the console on launch day is the coronavirus.

ps5 accessories
ACCESSORISE: The new consoles comes with a host of accessories

With many countries still gripped by the disease, Japan will not have any consoles available in-person.

This, coupled with the fact that the console pre-orders are sold out already, means the console will not be available for purchase anytime soon.

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The Blog does say however that Sony "expects to continue shipping the PS5 in the future".

The PS5

The next-gen console itself will feature a number of ground-breaking features.

As well as 4K at 60fps with HDR, the console will also be capable of 1080p at 120fps in other games.

miles morales ps5 holliday 2020
SPIDEY SENSE: The latest Spider-Man is a true PS5 exclusive, with awesome visuals

The console will also feature a number of awesome exclusives, including a new Spider-Man game.

DualSense is the latest controller coming to next-gen, and has a number of excited features.

Where to purchase a PS5?

The PS5 pre-orders are currently sold out around the world.

ucl ps5
BY ANY MEANS: There are a number of ways you can try to win the console

This has left many next-gen hopefuls relying on in-store purchases to get the new console.

However, with coronavirus still prevalent, it remains to be seen whether or not many stores will open for launch.

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We recommend keeping an eye on Amazon for the next-gen console. The site has previously received a number of restocks over recent weekends.

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