PS5 Release: YouTuber's console has already died

As we prepare for the launch of the new Sony console tomorrow, some are lucky enough to have one already.

one such individual is Jeremy Penter, whose console is refusing to turn on.

Better known as ACG on YouTube, the console reviewer's console seems to be broken.

Let's take a look at what issues Jeremy is having with his PS5!

Broken PS5

The PS5 started out with a number of issues associated with the database.

Whilst annoying these were manageable, however, the issues have since gotten far worse.

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ISSUES: With the console showing issues, could the accessories provide problems also?

Following a short amount of time, the problems were as bad as bootup and network errors.

Now, the console seems to have died a death, and no longer turns on!

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We don't have any other reports of similar problems, so hopefully, this is an isolated incident.

Other PS5 issues

The other main issue plaguing the console's launch is the availability.

With many retailers saying they aren't receiving new stuck until potentially the end of 2020.

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For those without a current pre-order ready to go, this is a kick in the teeth.

Similarly, for some individuals looking to play on HDMI 2.1 televisions, some players have been unable to access 4K @120Hz.

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This can thankfully be solved by updating the hardware on your television.

PS5 Pre-orders

If you are lucky, you already have the next gen console pre-ordered.

However, if you don't yet have one secured, the wait could be a long one.

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ENTERTAINMENT: The next-gen console features a host of entertainment apps

Whilst retailers such as game have confirmed they will have PS5 stock on launch day, we are not sure how many units will be available.

Our recommendation is to have those alarms set early, and your retailer of choice's website open and ready!

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