TLOU Remake leaked and RE8 will get performance mode

The PS5 is still the hottest item on the market, with the console recently overtaking the Wii U in total sales, although it isn't really hard to do that.

Here is all of the news you need to know today!

The Last Of Us Is Getting A Remake

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony is currently working on a remake of The Last Of Us which will release exclusively on PlayStation 5.

It is said that the remake was started by a team of 30 developers creating it in secret before Sony stepped in and gave the project to Naughty Dog, the creators of the original game.

RECORD BREAKING: TLOU2 has won more awards than any other game
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RECORD BREAKING: TLOU2 has won more awards than any other game

Although nothing has been said by Sony regarding the remake, this report confirms its existence and that it is likely still in development.

Resident Evil 8 To Get Performance And Graphics Mode

Resident Evil Village is right around the corner, releasing on May 7th 2021.

The game will be available on ps4, Xbox One, PC, and of course the new PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Resident Evil 8 tall lady
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MYSTERIOUS: Fans can't wait to find out more about the tall lady

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, the game's director Morimasa Sato was asked about the performance options for the next entry in the series.

Sato stated that,

"There are settings which will allow each player to optimize the experience according to their preference."

While he didn't give away too much information, it does seem that we will be getting 30fps with ray tracing and 60fps without ray tracing options, much like we've seen in many other titles.

Later in the interview, he also praised the performance of the PlayStation 5 and how easy it is to develop on,

"We’re putting the high-performance power of the PS5 to full use to create a realistic experience of this terrifying village".
"There are a lot of exterior scenes in the game and in the past, it’s been challenging to produce great-looking visuals for areas like this while maintaining performance, but it’s been a breeze with PS5. I feel like the possibilities of what I can express in a game have been expanded."

Although Sato was only asked about the PlayStation 5 version of the game, it is safe to assume the same will also apply to the Xbox Series X due to both consoles being similar in terms of power, with the Series X actually edging out over the PS5.

Latest PS5 Stock Update

After a strong start to the month, with many retailers receiving stock, it looks like we're back to the console drought again.

As it stands right now, there are no retailers that are known to getting stock this week.

@PS5Instant noted that,

"#PS5 won't be released till next week, later half of my 8-15th date. As most retailers re-open Monday & are busy setting up. Stock will still be sold online due to Sony's COVID policy"

So, this means that stock will be coming, it just might be a little later than expected.

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