PS5 Controller: All black DualSense on the way?

Gamers were stunned when the PlayStation 5 was revealed to be white.

It was a huge departure from the usual look, and that aesthetic carried over into the controller.

Could Sony be about to drop a black DualSense controller to go back to their usual look?

Black PS5 controller

Currently, Sony has only announced a white controller with black highlights for its next console. Images from the United States Federal Communications Commission point to the possibility of an all-black pad.

This images were filled in April.

black dualsense controller ps5 1
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INCOMING?: Could Sony release a black controller?

There are a huge amount of PS4 DualShock 4 controllers out there with different stylings. So the chances of another DualSense controller landing at some point is very high.

Is this real?

Given these images were filled officially in April, before we got a look at the PS5, we don't know where Sony was in the planning when these images were taken.

Is this just the framework and features of the DualSense before they landed on the white look? Or is this just the base controller that could come out at some point?


The lack of usual DualSense markings suggests this could have just been a dev kit or prototype.

Sony clarify voice recording issue

Since the PS4 8.00 update, players have discovered that Sony plans to allow recording of voice chat for reporting to moderation.

sony ps5 controller dualsense wireless
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I CAN HEAR YOU: The DualSense will hear, but not report

The intention seems to be to clear up the rather messy world of gaming chat, but gamers have been worried that Sony will be listening to conversations.

Sony has had to come out since and clarify that they will not be actively listening and recording to gamers. But many are still not happy about the situation.

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