How to add an M.2 SSD to your PS5

We've known since the PS5 launched that expanding the storage available would be possible. It's taken nearly a year but the feature is now live thanks to the September firmware update.

Here's how you can crack your console open and add some more hard drive space courtesy of an M.2 SSD.

What you'll need

Before you just open up your PS5 and start messing around, you need to know what you'll need to get the job done. First things first, you can't just pick any old M.2 SSD. It needs to meet the below requirements.

PS5 SSD Requirements
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The requirements your product must meet!

In addition to the above, your M.2 SSD will also need to have a heatsink, the most common cooling structure you can get on an SSD. Not all products will come with one so make sure it's something you take into consideration.

Once you have your compatible SSD, you then need your PS5, a sturdy surface to work on, and a #1 Phillips screwdriver.

Preparing the PS5

One last bit of preparation required is turning off your PS5 and letting it fully settle. It must not be in any kind of rest or sleep mode but fully turned off. After around 30 minutes, it's safe to then unplug the console and take it to where you plan to make the upgrade.

PS5 SSD heatsink and screwdriver
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How a SSD with heatsink may look + the screwdriver you will need

Failure to wait for it to cool down or removing the power cable while the console is still on or in sleep mode may cause irreparable damage.

Finally, you want to get rid of any static that you may have. To do this, simply touch a metal grounded object and you're good to go. Static isn't typically something that will do much harm but it your better to be safe than sorry when working with expensive products.

Adding your SSD

To begin, your console will need to be essential upside down. Flat on a surface, the faceplate with the PlayStation logo needs to be face down. You can then remove the other faceplate by gently sliding it in the direction of the disc drive (or to the left if you have the digital edition).

PS5 Upside Down
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How the PS5 should sit as you complete the upgrade

You will be able to see the SSD expansion slot as soon next as the faceplate is removed, it's right next to the main cooling fan. It has a small grey cover concealing it for safety. Use your screwdriver to remove the single screw keeping it in place.

Remove the screw that sits in the longest space slot and keep it safe and separate from the previous screw you removed. There will also be a spacer with the screw, move this to the right location based on the length of your SSD.

You can now line up your SSD with the slot in the PS5. SSD's always sit at a slight angle (around 20 degrees) so they will not sit flat in the console. Be gentle when inserting the SSD ad you should feel it slide into place.

PS5 SSD image
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How the SSD will sit when inserted corerctly

Next, gently push the SSD down against the spacer and pop the correct screw (the shorted one) in, to keep it in place. It will need to be screwed in firmly, but not too tight. Stop when you start feeling any major resistance.

Now return the slot cover and screw this back in place along with the faceplate. You can also reattach the cables and turn the console on. If everything has been done correctly, you'll be taken through a step-by-step formatting guide for the SSD which takes care of setting you up for expanded storage.

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