November 2021 PS Plus release time: When can you download the new games?

PS Plus is a pretty great service for PlayStation owners. Coming with a handful of games and the ability to play online each month, it's a worthwhile addition for anyone looking for a little bit of change each month. We saw November's games just last week but we can't access them just yet. Here's what time the November's games will be available to download.

November 2021 PS Plus Games Release Time

The games will finally release for PS Plus Subscribers on November 2 and will disappear again at the start of December. Make sure to get your hands on them nice and early so you don't miss out.

You will be able to download them at midnight local time, but you may have to search for them directly on the PS Store.

Sony often don't update the PS Plus tab until later in the afternoon, but the games will be free from midnight if you do a bit of searching.

Confirmed PS Plus Lineup

More games than usual will be available this month. First up is Knockout City, the dodgeball arena game from EA.

Released mere months ago, it gives players the chance to explore tight spaces and take out all the enemies they can find. If you like working as a team to take down the enemy and you especially like dodgeball, this is worth downloading.

Second on the list is Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. This is a remake of a 2012 action RPG spawned from the love of fantasy and D&D. If you're looking for a huge game to get lost in, this is a great choice.

Finally, First Class Trouble is also available this month. Taking a little bit of Among Us and even more from the likes of Werewolf and Mafia, this deceptive party game is all about tricking your enemies into conspiracy and, eventually, death.

As well as this, there are three free PSVR games you can grab until January. They are The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, The Persistence and Until You Fall. A rather - this is a great start to VR.

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