September 2021's Free PS Plus Games: When can we download them ourselves?

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UPDATE: PlayStation has confirmed the PS Plus line-up for September 2021.

PlayStation has revealed that Overcooked All You Can Eat (PS5), Hitman 2 (PS4), and Predator Hunting Grounds (PS4) will be available for free for PS Plus members in September 2021.

It's worth noting that Overcooked All You Can Eat is a PS5 exclusive PS Plus game and they will be available from September 7th.

REVEAL TIME - Here's when we find out...

We're just a week away from September 2021's PS Plus games now - and we still don't have an announcement?

As long as everything goes according to PlayStation's loose plan, we should find out what games we're going to be able to download next week on September 1st at the following times:

  • 08:30 PST
  • 11:30 EST
  • 16:30 BST

We've only really seen a couple of rumours that could be considered semi-solid, but nothing that you could call a safe bet. This month's PS Plus announcement is wide open and we just hope that there's a surprise in there somewhere after August's selection...

What did everyone want to see instead?

The internet - despite the leaks and rumours - is rife with discussions around what we could be getting from PlayStation and PS Plus next month. Anything from Gravity Rush 2, to Dying Light, and Need For Speed Heat have been suggested a number of times on Reddit's monthly thread.

Of course, there are some people throwing out wild suggestions - however, titles like The Order 1886 and Far Cry 5 are also popping up. There's been a couple of major leaks so far - one debunked and one left untouched - so we could be looking at an interesting, but mediocre, month. Thankfully, we're just over a day away from finding out.

PS Plus September 2021 Far Cry 5
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HAPPY? - Would Far Cry 5 be a good get for PlayStation fans?

As always, the upcoming month's PS Plus games will be available to download from the first Tuesday of the month. This means you should be able to get your hands on them from September 7th.

LEAK - Dealabs leak proved right!

There's a new PS Plus leak making the rounds - here's what people think might be coming to PS Plus next month:

  • Overcooked All You Can Eat - PS5
  • Hitman 2 - PS4
  • Predator Hunting Ground - PS4

The leak comes from Dealabs, which has accurately predicted PS Plus games in the past. That doesn't confirm this line-up, though, but we won't know until next week. It's a better month than last month, if true, but not the best we've ever seen.

Our Predictions - We were a little ways off...

The thing about PS Plus each month is Sony have some spottable traits. If a game is due to come out at the start of the next month, it's worth keeping an eye on it, especially if it is scheduled for release on the same day as the games.

Bearing this in mind, F.I.S.T: Forged In Shadow Torch is scheduled for release on September 7th this year, the same day the games go live. For this reason, we predict this will be one of four games announced this month.

Outside of this, we can expect to find a couple of indie games and maybe one more big game. We will update here with any more leaks or predictions as we come across them.

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