CONFIRMED PS Plus March 2022: Full lineup officially revealed

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Unlike Xbox's Games With Gold, the PS Plus free games leak every time, and March 2022's are no different. The March 2022 PS Plus games have now been revealed and we have all the details for you.

Latest - Lineup Officially Confirmed

Confirming the leaks below, PlayStation has tweeted the full lineup of free games for PS Plus March 2022.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is coming as a bonus, on top of the three games you can see above. Therefore, the full list is:

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS5/PS4)
  • GTA Online (From mid-March)
  • Team Sonic Racing (PS4)
  • Ghostrunner (PS5)
  • Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4)

Free Games Lineup Leaked

New Leak:

Dealabs has now leaked the full list of PS Plus games for March 2022. They're a little different to those leaked this morning, but one title is the same.

Team Sonic Racing is still included, but it seems like Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the multiplayer spin-off, and Ghostrunner will also be in the lineup.

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This is the list of March PS Plus free games so far, should the leak be correct:

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
  • GTA Online (From mid-March)
  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Ghostrunner

Original Leak

It had to happen eventually; the PS Plus free games for March have now leaked.

The leak comes from billbil-kun on Dealabs (reported by VGC), with them posting the following:

“I got interested in Ark Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing recently, and I still want to buy them to play on my PS5. Knowing that I don't really have any money, I really hesitate to buy them. But hey, in the end, maybe I'll wait until the beginning of next month.”

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They have leaked the free games pretty much every month for the last six months, so we expect these to be correct.

We are still waiting for news on the main PS5 game in the lineup, however.

Sifu Coming to PS Plus Soon?

As reported by TechRadar, there's a chance one of our PS Plus games will be Sifu. In this, they found that Sifu has a PS Plus logo next to it in their games library.

We think it seems more likely that this is simply a bug or the result of a PS Plus sale but it's technically possible. We'll have to wait till next Wednesday to find out for ourselves.

PS Plus March 2022 Release Date

The PS Plus games arrive on the first Tuesday of every month. If this is the case, we should see it on Tuesday, March 1st.

Like the reveal date, these aren't always as consistent as we may like. This could mean a slightly earlier or later release.

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