Sony files patent for Esports gambling

Esports has continued to grow in popularity year over year, but it still always feels like a second rate sport that isn't taken seriously by the mainstream market.

That could all change with Sony's recent patent that will allow for Esports gambling.

Sony Allow Esports Gambling

On May 13th, Sony filed a patent called the "Esports betting platform."

The patent doesn't refer to PlayStation, instead focuses on the calculations and algorithmic element that would make it work.

When an Esports match is taking place, the software would then determine odds and allow users to bet.

Betting on traditional sports has long been around, with football, boxing, and horse racing usually being the three largest.

But, people seem to frown upon gambling on videogames.

It will be interesting to see if Sony can bridge the gap and make Esports gambling more widely accepted.

PS5 Stock Update

According to recent insider sources, Very, ShopTo, and Amazon are set to receive their next batch of PS5 consoles as early as tomorrow.

Last week saw GAME and Asda receive stock, but despite GAME's stock reported to be as large as 25,000 consoles, they still sold out within minutes.

But, now there's 25,000 less people that you're fighting against, so hopefully it will be slightly easier.

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