Rise of The Ronin: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & More

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After being a surprise announcement at the latest State of Play event, Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin has quickly established itself as one of the most promising upcoming PlayStation titles.

Taking place at the end of the Edo Period in the 19th Century, Rise of the Ronin will see you play as the titular warrior, bound to no master and making your own choices as you progress through the story.

Here is everything we know about the game so far.

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Rise of The Ronin Release Date

An in-development screenshot of Rise of The Ronin
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Unfortunately for fans, hoping to get their hands on Team Ninja's next game sometime soon, we won't be seeing the game for quite some time.

Rise of the Ronin will be released in 2024 as a PS5 console exclusive according to its initial reveal trailer posted on the official PlayStation Blog.

This means that we are unlikely to see more of the game until at some point next year which is a shame based on its early impression.

Rise of The Ronin Trailer

The reveal trailer which was shown at the most recent State of Play Event, shows a mix of in-game cinematics and gameplay, providing a very impressive look at a game that remains so far out.

Showing a variety of weapons including swords, chains and even guns along with a variety of stylish finishing moves.

The trailer also hints at its story, giving us a glimpse at some of the characters we can expect to come across.


A look at some of the gameplay found in Rise of The Ronin
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While we've only seen a glimpse of Rise of The Ronin so far via its reveal, we do know a fair amount about what kind of game we can expect once it finally arrives.

Rise of The Ronin will be an open-world action RPG set in the Bakumatsu era of Japanese history, during a civil war between the Tokugawa Shogunate and various Anti-Shogunate factions.

You, of course, play as a Ronin and will play through a story set in this historically inspired world, taking advantage of the weirdly unique time period that lets you not only use the famous Katana in sword-based combat but also a variety of ranged firearms.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse at a glider and a horse, suggesting a variety of different traversal methods present in the game.

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