Players losing gear in Outriders due to glitch

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Outriders launched on April 1st and became an instant hit with fans, becoming the top-selling game across most platforms.

However, it isn't without its fault and there's a pretty big one that players have encountered.

Here is everything you need to know today.

Outriders Players Losing Inventory

Outriders was released on April 1st and became an instant hit with players.

However, recently fans have come across an issue in which your inventory is wiped for no apparent reason.

Many players have lost Legendary weapons and as you can imagine they're not happy.

The Outriders developers, People Can Fly, are aware of the issue and are looking into a way to fix it as soon as possible.

"Earlier today we applied additional preventative measures on to our servers to guard against any Inventory Wipes. These are reducing the occurrence of this issue, but we are continuing to lock in additional countermeasures."
"A potential prevention method to safeguard yourself if you run into this issue: - The moment you notice that your gear has disappeared, immediately force close the game, then reboot it."

They have advised that players don't play the game until the next update is released.

This issue affects PC more than console and also people in multiplayer.

But, also players can encounter this glitch, so if it is better to wait a few days before jumping back in.

Stock Update

It looks like most retailers will be receiving a restock of PS5 consoles over the coming days.

Very and Smyths should be releasing new consoles between April 13th-15th, while GAME and Argos should be getting a restock on April 15th.

However, this will likely be one of the last restocks for the month, with the next expected deliveries being closer to May.

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