PS5 Daily News for Tuesday, April 13

Despite year one generally being slow for any new console, there still seems to be quite a lot of news about the PS5 being released daily.

And today's news is one that will make many PlayStation fans extremely happy.

Below, we'll run through everything that is new in the world of PS5 today, as well as where you can buy a console if you're still looking for one.

PS5 To Receive First Major Update

Today, Sony revealed the first ever major update for the PlayStation 5, which is set to release on April 14.

The system software update will add various new features, including:

  • Ability to use external hard drives
  • New social features
  • Control and personalization options
  • New PlayStation App features

You can check out everything that the update adds in the PS Blog post.

Horizon Zero Dawn X Fortnite

The other big piece of PlayStation news today is that Aloy and other Horizon Zero Dawn themed cosmetics will arrive in Fortnite this week.

PS5 daily news
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GEAR UP: All of the Horizon Zero Dawn themed items

You'll be able to play as Aloy, take part in a LTM event that pairs her up with Lara Croft, and take part in a special tournament.

The content will go live in Fortnite on April 15.

Stock Update


While stock levels are still very low, there's a small chance that GAME and Argos stores have PS5 consoles available in store today.

The message from Sony is that stock should still be sold online only, but small numbers of units are still trickling out to be picked up at stores.

Otherwise, it sounds like the PS5 consoles stock shortages are even worse than we expected.

Following production and shipping delays, it seems like stock will be very tough to get in April.

Now, GAME has changed their console listings online to suggest that they won't be getting stock until the end of May.


As for the US, anyone with a special invite will be able to try and get a console from PlayStation Direct on Tuesday, April 13 at 12pm PDT.

Otherwise, you'll have to wait for later in the week.

Walmart is rumoured to have a stock drop ready for this Thursday.

New Game Releases Today

The Final Fantasy XIV open beta is the only new game to launch on PS5 today, so you can download that if you'd like to jump in.

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