PlayStation Plus's Future hinted at with Preservation Team

PlayStation have a pretty huge change coming soon in a brand new PlayStation Plus system. Having tonnes of games from previous generations to play - they need to commit to getting everything working and added in time. A new PlayStation preservation team may be just what Sony need. Here's what we know so far.

New PlayStation Preservation Team

Over on Linkedin, Garret Fredley, the senior build engineer for PlayStation, announced that he had joined the PlayStation preservation team. In that post, he said:

Game Preservation was my first career passion. It was my first foray into the world of Software Engineering / Dev Ops, and into a world that so many are unaware of. I was just a novice back then, contributing any way I could regardless of my inexperience. Now, I'm back to it, no longer the novice I once was.

Given the name, this is likely a team with a focus on PlayStation's older titles and bringing them forward to the modern-day.

What Does This All Mean?

This could hint at two potential things. With PlayStation buying BluePoint, we know they care about their remakes. This being said, this wouldn't really be considered preservation given the huge changes they undergo. It seems far more likely this is similar to last week's Syphon Filter news.

PlayStation is likely dedicating large resources and teams to PlayStation Plus Premium, getting games ready for the June launch. This team will likely be working on getting older PlayStation games working on the PS5 and PS4 in time for the big change.

The PS3 has infamously tough architecture to work with so its games are currently only planned for streaming but maybe a more dedicated team can work on it a little more before launch. If anything changes, we'll update you right here.

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