Sony charging Epic Games for Fortnite crossplay

Fans rejoiced when sony announced they were finally supporting crossplay on Fortnite and other titles.

But, it now appears that Sony didn't make that decision for the comminity, instead they had one thing on their mind, money.

And a leaked document shows that Epic Games has been footing the bill.

Sony Charging For Crossplay

During the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit we have seen plenty of information come to light when it comes to the inner workings of the gaming industry, including business deals that are made behind closed doors.

When Fortnite launched in 2017, crossplay was disabled on the PS4, meaning that PS4 users couldn't play with Xbox gamers.

After months of begging for the feature to be added, Sony finally gave in and enabled crossplay, making fans very happy.

According to Epic Games' founder Tim Sweeney, it wasn't Sony's desire to please fans that led gto the change, instead it was a lucrative business opportunity.

The document refers to a scheme called "Cross-platform revenure share", this means that if not enough money is spent on PlayStation, Epic Games must pay them to balance things out.

Sony does have the largest market share when it comes to Fortnite players, so it is likely that these players would make purchases on the platform they play on, but these kind of deals could deter other games from going cross-platform in the future as it could become very costly for publishers.

In recent months, Sony has invested in Epic Games so this deal could be off the table now, but the fact the deal existed in the first place, it highlights that Sony didn't make the move to crossplay to satisfy gamers, instead it was a strategic move to make more money.

The Epic Games vs Apple court case continues and no doubt more behind closed doors business dealings will come to light.

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