PGA Tour 2K23 Review: 2K sets new bar for all golfing games

pga tour 2k23 michael jordan review

It is time to hit the links with PGA Tour 2K23, and this year’s game has surpassed our expectations with an array of brilliant additions to the franchise.

With EA Sports PGA Tour set to arrive in Spring 2023, 2K had a job on its hands to prove why it’s the number one golf game around.

PGA Tour 2K23 has not disappointed, and here's why.

First impressions

Where to begin?

PGA Tour 2K23 has not only improved on all the elements you would expect but has also added new features that just make sense.

In terms of what we expected, the gameplay has improved on what was already a strong foundation, while the key mode MyCareer has also been bolstered further too.

pga tour 2k23 courses
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FIND THE GREEN - Some iconic courses are available

As for the new features, the new 3-button swing offers a variation on how to play the game which makes it more accessible to players of all levels.

Throw in the new TopGolf mode along with the plethora of playable characters in local matches, and this game offers something for all occasions and gamers alike.

Golf for all

Golf is not a pickup-and-play sort of sport, however, 2K has delivered a pickup-and-play style game that is a lot of fun. Challenging, but fun.

Players with golf game experience will be familiar with the analog swing, however, for new players, this can prove a tricky skill to master.

pga tour 2k23 steph curry
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AMATEUR TIME - Anyone can play this year's title

Enter the new 3-button swing. Without having to concentrate on what direction your analog stick is skewing off to, all you need to do is aim and click (three times).

While the new mechanic may seem like a simplified option, it is far from easy to master with the timing even more crucial to get right.

Challenge the best

MyCareer will be the go-to mode for many players, and this year’s offering is simply brilliant.

2K has introduced plenty of features to the mode, including player skill trees, club fittings, and a new sponsorship system that feels even more rewarding than before.

The Powerhouse archetype catches the eye instantly as who doesn’t love smashing 300+ yard drives but be careful as the Swing Path and Timing will be much tighter!

pga tour 2k23 tiger woods
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GOAT - Tiger Woods is the main attraction this year

If you find yourself struggling to find fairways, greens, or even making putts, we recommend the Rhythm archetype as it will help out with your accuracy, although you may lose a few yards!

In the new skill tree you can also boost certain areas of your game, so if there is something you are struggling with, you can give yourself a helping hand!

Social butterfly

For many, golf is a social sport, and PGA Tour 2K23 encompasses that brilliantly with the variety of multiplayer modes on offer.

Local and online matches have been enhanced with the ability to play as your favourite golfers, and even basketball players like Michael Jordan and Steph Curry!

pga tour 2k23 topgolf
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TEST YOUR SKILLS - TopGolf is a fun social mode to hone your golfing skills

We prefer a pass-and-play style, and if you don’t fancy a full round on the course and can always head to the driving range!

This year’s game has teamed up with TopGolf to bring a wide variety of skill games for you and your friends to tackle and see who comes out on top.


Excellent. PGA Tour 2K23 is a game to be enjoyed by golfing experts and novices alike.

The game itself offers something for everyone, and the gameplay keeps you interested with its difficulty and learning curve.

Throw in the range of fully licensed courses and playable golfers, this really is a brilliant game.

Hats off to Take Two and 2K, PGA Tour 2K23 is terrific.

PGA Tour 2K23
PGA Tour 2K23 is the most fun golf game since Wii Sports! Perfect for both experienced gamers and first-timers, this is not one to miss.
Xbox Series X|S
9 out of 10

We reviewed PGA Tour 2K23 on PS5 with a code provided by the developer.

The game was released on Friday, 14 October.

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