Here's whether we'll see Konami release a PES 2022 Demo

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With PES 2021 winding down, it's time we look towards what Konami's next title has to offer.

So, check out whether Konami will be releasing a PES 2022 Demo below.

Will there be a PES 2022 Demo?

In short, yes - there will most definitely be a PES 2022 Demo.

The Demo is likely to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

PES 2022 Demo Release Date

The last demo we saw in the series, for PES 2020, arrived very early on 30 July.

This was down to Konami wanting to get ahead of rivals FIFA in the battle - especially after securing the big-name signing of Juventus.

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FULL OF FLAVOUR - The PES 2020 demo gave us plenty

Konami could easily do the same again this time around, with another brand new Italian club signed exclusively to PES 2022.

We don't think it will come as early this time, but Tuesday, 10 to around Tuesday, 17 August are perhaps the most likely dates at this time.

Game Modes

Most demos just have one simple game mode, but Konami is likely to give us a fuller feel of the game - especially with the new game engine.

Local Match and Co-Op (or "kick-off" for FIFA players) are the standard modes where you can take on the AI or a friend offline.

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LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN - PES's attacking gameplay is immensely popular

We are also likely to see an online mode - probably "Quick Match" where you are assigned a random team and battle it out online.

Not only that, but we saw an Edit Mode on PES 2020's demo, where you could edit the look of the players and clubs that were available.

This only applied to PS4 and Steam players.

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