Here's whether PES 2022 will include the Champions League

With PES 2021 winding down, it's time we look towards Konami's next release!

So, read on to find out whether PES 2022 will include the Champions League.

Will PES 2022 have Champions League?

Fans have been wondering whether PES 2022 will include the Champions League and the Europa League.

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ITALIAN GIANTS: Konami has secured the rights to Juventus for PES 2022

Well, the answer is a firm no, after EA signed a multi-year extension with UEFA earlier this year.

However, Konami has been busy securing the rights to several Italian clubs, including Juventus, Napoli and most recently Atalanta.

Konami is also doing brilliantly in currently holding the EURO 2020 license – but it remains to be seen whether the summer tournament will reach PES 2022.

Will there be a PES 2022 Demo?

In short, yes - there will most definitely be a PES 2022 Demo.

The Demo is likely to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

PES 2022 Demo Release Date

The last demo we saw in the series, for PES 2020, arrived very early on 30 July.

This was down to Konami wanting to get ahead of rivals FIFA in the battle - especially after securing the big-name signing of Juventus.

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FULL OF FLAVOUR - The PES 2020 demo gave us plenty

Konami could easily do the same again this time around, with another brand new Italian club signed exclusively to PES 2022.

We don't think it will come as early this time, but Tuesday, 10 to around Tuesday, 17 August are perhaps the most likely dates at this time.

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