PES 2020: NEW Matchday and eFootball Game modes

Matchday Mode is an exciting new feature available on PES 2020 to add to the updated Master League and new game play mechanics

Players around the world will help their team to glory one match at a time in the new Matchday mode.

PES 2020 will choose an important match or derby game each week, players will then be able to decide which team they want to represent on Matchday.

Players will earn points for their team during every game they play, with each pass and goal also contributing to your team’s total.

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Group Stage

The Group Stage of Matchday sees players from opposing teams face off against one another to earn as many points as possible.

Fans can play multiple matches each week and each game will earn points for their side, so make sure you earn as many as you can to help your team!

By the end of the phase, the team with the most points will take an advantage into the Grand Final, although there is limited information on what this advantage will be.

Grand Final

This is where the excitement happens.

Representatives will be chosen based on analysed performances during the Group Stage, these will be the players that performed best for each side.

The Grand Final will be shown on a live stream in the Matchday Mode so viewers can still support their team even if they aren’t chosen as their side’s representative.

Each player will receive rewards for their effort in Matchday Mode, with the biggest rewards saved for the winning Representative.


It is unknown what rewards can be earned on Matchday Mode and what impact it could have although it will need to be enticing enough for players to continue playing each week so watch this space!


Eyebrows were raised when Konami announced their new football game eFootball PES 2020 - with the Japanese developer emphasising the competitive aspect of their new game. 

Well, more has been revealed at Gamescom, with the eFootball side of things showing a new competitive calendar for PES 2020.

Backed by Barcelona and Spanish centre back Gerard Pique's company Esports Media Rights (EMR), eFootball will be played out through two separate tournaments, and Konami will crown the world's best Football player and professional club. 

The two eFootball tournaments that will be involved are:

  • The "eFootball.Pro" tournament will see the best professional players represent their clubs to compete against the top eFootball teams on the planet.
  • The "eFootball.Open" tournament will be open to all users through the new in-game mode "Matchday". An open bracket to see if anyone not already sided with an esports team or organisation can come through the ranks and tackle the professionals.

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