PES 2020: Konami explains why there’s been no Switch version

We chat with PES's brand manager to see if the Japanese publisher has plans to switch things up.

PES fans have been crying out for Nintendo Switch version of the game for the last couple of years – but there’s been nothing in the development pipeline.

While FIFA gamers have been treated to a custom-made experience for Nintendo’s handheld, albeit a stripped-down one, PES fans have had to make do with PES mobile, which is still arguably a better game.

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So why no Switch version? With rumours hotting up that Konami will be moving to Unreal engine for next year’s game, we chatted with PES brand manager, Lennart Bonzein, to see if they’re ready to switch things up.

“I can’t really talk about the Switch, all I can say is that I love the Switch. I think it’s an amazing console and I really enjoy playing on it.

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“As a company, Konami is aware of the Switch – we released Bomberman last year, we are releasing Contra on the Switch. For PES right now, just the current factors that the game is coming out on the three platforms – PS4, Xbox One and PC means there is no Switch version planned right now.”

Still, there’s plenty to get excited about. Bonzein revealed Konami has been listening to feedback from PES 2019 to ensure this year’s game is more polished than ever.

“Obviously we’ve noticed feedback from our fans over the past year,” he said. “We’ve noticed it, we’ve passed it on to our development team and they looked into it and tried and change as much as possible.

“This year we’ve added so much into the game. We’ve added a huge amount of new licences, Master League is now in Year 2 and has loads of cool and nice additions, we added MatchDay which is a complete new mode.

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“I can’t talk about esports right now but we’ll be announcing our plans soon and this will be super interesting .

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