eFootball 2023 Update v.2.5.0 - Release date & new features

efootball 2023

efootball 2023

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Konami has announced that eFootball Update v.2.5.0 is on its way this Spring!

Yet another eFootball 2023 refresh is coming soon, with several new features already revealed for My Team and plenty more set to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

So, check out everything you need to know about the Spring update below, including details on the release date and changes coming to the game.

Release date

Konami has not yet revealed a specific release date for the Spring update, but we do have a rough idea of when the eFootball Update v.2.5.0 will drop.

The v.2.5.0 update will go live sometime in April 2023.

The update will most likely drop on a Thursday.

We expect a more precise release date to be announced over the course of the next few weeks.

My Team changes

Konami has already revealed a number of new features which are set to be introduced to eFootball 2023 as part of the v2.5.0 update.

First of all, there will be additional player slots in My Team. The current maximum player slots quota of 500 will be expandable to a maximum of 900 using GP.

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ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD - Update v2.5.0 is bringing plenty of changes

Secondly, following the Spring update, you will be able to add Player Skills to existing players in My Team.

Five additional skills slots will be added to all players, meaning alll players will then be able to possess a maximum of 15 Player Skills.

You'll be able to use the newly introduced Skill Training Programs to add new Player Skills at random.

Contract renewals

Users will now be eligible for additional items for player contract renewals too.

When releasing five-star players from Epic, Legendary, Trending, Highlight and Featured player types, users will get "Contract Renewal (10 Days)" on top of GP and training items.

"Contract Renewal (10 Days)" will also be made available in Match Pass and as other rewards.

Legacy Transfer

Konami is also introducing a new feature called "Legacy Transfer" as part of the Spring update, allowing users to transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills from one player to another.

All you need to do is select a player you wish to have all Experience Points and Additional Skills transferred from, then select "Legacy Transfer" and choose a player that fulfils the required conditions to inherit those Experience Points and Additional Skills.

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LEGACY TRANSFERS - A brand new feature is coming

Legacy Transfers will require the exact amount of GP that corresponds to the player whose Experience Points and Additional Skills are transferred from.

Once the Legacy

The player used for Legacy Transfer will be erased once the process is complete.

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