eFootball 2023 - Update v2.3.0 out NOW with dribbling BUFFED



Konami has just announced that yet another update has hit eFootball 2023.

Read on to find out all you need to know about the eFootball 2023 Update v2.3.0.

Update v2.3.0

Konami has now released the full Patch Notes for Update v2.3.0 in eFootball 2023.

First of all, the player roster for certain Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian League) clubs has been updated.

To the delight of eFootball fans, Konami has made several adjustments to dribbling including the following:

  • Implemented adjustments so that players will be less likely to move away from the ball when they make contact with an opponent while dribbling.
  • Implemented adjustments to enhance manoeuvrability following a Sharp Touch.
  • Implemented adjustments regarding body contacts so that a Shield will only be triggered when within a certain distance from the opposition player.

The following changes have been made to passing:

  • Implemented adjustments so that when inputting a pass command, a more adequate target will be selected with respect to the directional input and Power Gauge input.
  • Implemented adjustments so that through passes will now be played towards spaces that are harder for defenders to intercept, with respect to the opposition players' positioning and direction of movement.
  • Implemented adjustments so that when a player makes body contact as he jumps for a header, it is now less likely for the player to lose his balance.

Konami has also implemented a number of defensive changes.

  • Implemented adjustments to the triggering conditions of blocking motions when defending oncoming shots or crosses.
  • Implemented adjustments regarding man-marking so that players will now position themselves more adequately, with respect to the opposition ballholder's position.
  • Implemented adjustments to the positioning of players during a Match-up.

As well as the gameplay adjustments listed above, changes to fouls, traps and the in-game AI have been implemented as well as a number of bug fixes.

You can take a look at the full eFootball 2023 V2.3.0 Patch Notes here.

More details

The latest eFootball update was announced via the official Twitter account and went live on Thursday, 22 December.

As well as bringing maintenance to the game, all users who install the update by Monday, 26 December will receive a Chance Deal as thanks for their continued support.

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