All there is to know about PES 2020: News, New Master League features, Release date, Licences, Option file, Stadiums & More

After acquiring licence after licence, is this Konami's year to hit back at a stuttering FIFA 20?

PES 2020 El Monumental

PES  has trailed the FIFA franchise for some time, and they lost further ground last year, with FIFA 19 snatching the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses off Konami. 

PES 2020 marks a fresh start however, and with EA Sports struggling throughout the year with FIFA 19, it is a massive opportunity for Pro Evo to claw back some ground on their biggest rival.

With this the biggest release for PES this decade, the publishers and developers have been keeping their cards close to their chest. RealSport has a look at everything we know so far on PES, and what the community wants to see when the game is released this summer.


PES 2020 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC Steam on September 10, 2019 (Americas/Europe) / September 12 (Asia). Lionel Messi will feature as the cover star for the standard edition, priced at £59.99, and players can also get their hands on the digital exclusive Legend Edition, featuring Brazilian icon Ronaldinho for £79.99.

Other bonuses of the Legend Edition include an exclusive 3D-scanned 2019 version of Ronaldinho and Messi on a 10-match loan for myClub. Everyone who pre-orders either digital edition of the game will get Andres Iniesta and 1,000 myClub coins on top.

As for the demo of the game, it is now available on PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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The first FIFA 20 trailer was released at E3 in early July, revealing a whole load of new features.

The partnership with Barcelona has been renewed, Lionel Messi is the cover star, Andres Iniesta was a gameplay consultant and former Barca stars Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff feature as avatars in Master League. 


Enlisting the expertise of legendary midfielder Andres Iniesta has shaped the latest instalment with a focus on authenticity, translating his ability to find and read space, and unlock a defensive line with a new dynamic dribbling technique; the finesse dribble.

Renowned as one of football’s most entertaining players, Ronaldinho’s unique style of football is also coming to PES 2020, featuring animation sets that allow players to move like the man himself, using unparalleled technical flair and fluid movement to beat defenders, together with showboat first-touch techniques such as chest and back control.

Other components that have been announced include new first touch techniques, upgraded trapping mechanics, context-sensitive kick accuracy, improved ball physics as well as new skills & abilities. There are also new ways to defend, including the intentional foul and an adaptive player interaction system that recreates player personalities on the pitch.

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Master League

Huge changes are coming to the Master League career mode, headlined by a new interactive dialogue system that puts the reins firmly in players' hands in controlling story progression. This enables players to choose responses that suit their personality and create their own personal Master League story.

Improved Manager Models

Players will be able to customise their manager's appearance on PES 2020 Master League, with real life likenesses of some footballing legends available.

Eight legend avatars have been revealed: Diego Maradona, Johann Cruyff, Socrates, Romario, Ruud Gullit, Roberto Carlos, Bebeto and Lothar Matthaus. 

Contract negotiations are another area where the dialogue system creates a personal feel to the interaction.

Each interaction will forge your managers personality and take them down different career paths creating a unique and personal gaming experience.

Create the real logos to give your interviews an authentic look or design something new, the choice is yours.

Cut scenes

It seems that the cut scenes is the main area of focus for Master League in PES 2020.

Ranging from press conferences to training sessions to managerial meetings to team talks, Konami have looked to create that unique experience for each Master League save.

One of the most profound cut scenes will be transfer negotiations as you deal with player agents, club managers and of course the players themselves. 

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Player prices have also increased in the transfer market to reflect the huge transfer fees we have seen in recent years.

Add to this a pre-season tournament, and you have the perfect preparation for the new campaign.

If the performances are encouraging, you will receive recognition with the fans, increasing the club's following on social media and your side's reputation.

Derby Day fiercer than ever

We all love Derby Day, and expect the heat to be cranked up when you face your biggest rivals in Master League.

The build-up to matches will be heightened, with specific cut scenes and storylines, media exchanges and motivational speeches with your players in the dressing room. 

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Of course, earn a victory and receive the adoration of the fans, but lose, and you'll face the music. 

  • Create and customise sponsor logos that will be displayed on the media backdrop during interviews and on the Master League main menu screen
  • Customise manager models with a greater level of freedom thanks to high-performance 3D scanning technology to capture images of individuals of varying body shapes and sizes
  • Improve your club's following during pre-season by overlooking training sessions and deliver on the pitch

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Brand new Matchday online mode

With the full title of the new game eFootball PES 2020 there is a clear focus on competitive gaming. 

In a brand-new mode for PES 2020, Matchday provides the essence of football culture into a competitive format that lifts fans out the stands and puts them onto the pitch. Align yourself with one of two different sides at the start of each weekly event, where every pass and goal unleashed contributes points towards victory.

Stand alongside PES newcomers and seasoned veterans alike as you work together to build an advantage for your side ahead of the Grand Final. As each weekly event enters its final phase, the results from all Group Matches played are analysed to find the best performing user from each side. These users are selected as Representatives, earning the right to compete in the Grand Final on behalf of their chosen side – fully viewable via a livestream feed in Matchday mode.

Community demands

The PES community are as committed as it gets, with the game having a cult following, especially outside of Asia. If Konami don’t listen to their fans, then they would be set to lose even more ground on the globally played FIFA. 

The one big flaw in PES is its speed, with playing matches and navigating the menus just not as clean, speedy or sleek as EA’s FIFA. The authentic broadcast style replays look professional, but they weigh the game down even more. A new engine may just be the solution to correct the sluggishness of Pro Evo. 

One thing we do know that is on the way is a new User Interface (UI), with the menus another aspect that makes the game feel slow. EA earned plenty of kudos when they moved to a panel style for FIFA 14, and it’s high-time PES followed suit. 

The PES UI needs serious improvement
PES Producer Kei Masuda said: “We saw negative feedback from our fans, we need to understand changing the game (PES 2019) at this stage is very problematic. The new menu will appear in PES 2020.”

Anything else?

The beautiful game has never looked better this year, with PES 2020 introducing an enhanced lighting engine, improved player models, realistic cut scenes and replay footage, plus a completely new preset camera angle that offers a compelling broadcast feel.

PES 2019 has been let down by its servers in online play, and it something that must improve. PES featured at the 2018 Asian games, and if it is to enhance their ambitions to go big into esports, they must rectify their server problems

PES have done well with attaining plenty of legends for myClub, with David Beckham the big draw last year, but once again they need to keep expanding the names they have. Ronaldinho and Andres Iniesta have already been secured, but if they are going to compete with FIFA’s Ultimate Team, they should look to attain the likes of Pele, Thierry Henry and Franz Beckenbauer, with legends not exclusive to either game. 

Who could join Beckham, Ronaldinho & Iniesta on PES 2020?
PES don’t have a great deal of stadiums on the game, but the ones they do have look incredible.

Other Stadiums included this year:

  • La Bombonera 
  • El Monumental
  • Allianz Parque
  • Emirates Stadium
  • Old Trafford
  • Allianz Arena
  • Camp Nou
  • Allianz Stadium
  • San Siro
  • Celtic Park
  • Ibrox Stadium

The Camp Nou looks incredible in PES 2020
Of course, Pro Evo are never going to be able to compete with FIFA in terms of its licenses, so they have to be smart in how they go about their commercial business. This is why they have gone after the giants of Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich, but they need to keep chipping away and attaining more. Another Premier League giant wouldn’t go amiss, as well as further expansion in Germany and Spain.  

The Licensing War 

The ongoing battle between Konami and EA may have just finished with Konami as the winners.

So far Konami have official league licenses of:

  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • French Ligue 2
  • Brazilian Brasileirao Serie A
  • Brazilian Brasileirao Serie B
  • Russian Premier League
  • Belgian Pro League
  • Danish Superliga
  • Argentinian Superliga
  • Thai League

World Cup rights have long been in EA’s hands, but this year Euro 2020 will be in Konami’s corner, with the full tournament being a DLC for PES 2020.

The 2020 Q2 DLC will bring over 50 national teams to the game, including current champions Portugal. Along with the official national teams will come team kits, crests, and players.

Guy Laurent-Epstein, marketing director of UEFA Events SA, said

 “We are very pleased to continue and extend our working partnership with KONAMI. UEFA EURO 2020 provides an opportunity to build an even closer working relationship, allowing us to activate it in new and exciting ways, and to engage with our mutual fans around the world.”

Now that the playing field is more evenly balanced, do any of these license updates entice you towards PES 2020?

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