Overwatch Year of the Tiger 2022 COUNTDOWN: Start time, Lunar New Year skins, and more

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Overwatch is pretty well known for its events. The latest is sure to not disappoint, bringing new skins and modes. Here's everything you should know before the Overwatch Year of the Tiger 2022 event.

Latest - Starts Today

After some anticipation, the latest Overwatch event finally starts today. If you get in there as it launches, you can get yourself some free loot boxes.

This may be the last one we see until the anniversary celebration in May.

Overwatch Year of the Tiger Start Date & Time

Overwatch Year of the Tiger is due to start on January 25th, just one day from now. Being hinted at for some time, many were expecting it to start a little earlier than now but it's finally here. The update should go live at 2pm ET/7pm GMT on the 25th.

The announcement trailer has a very cosy aesthetic to it, showing tonnes of food to celebrate the new year. The Year of the Tiger in China is set to begin on February 1st so we can expect the event to get bigger over the coming weeks.

Overwatch Year of the Tiger Skins

As of right now, we don't know what any of the skins are just yet. This being said, we know we will get 5 legendary skins and 3 epic skins added to the game. This will come alongside new emotes, victory poses and so much more.

As well as this, you can get any of the skins from previous years. Not only is this the case but they become cheaper to buy it outright - a nice bonus. If you get in there in time for the event, you will get a few free loot boxes.

Overwatch Year of the Tiger LTMs

Generally, this year event doesn't tend to come with its own LTMs, opting to bring back popular ones from throughout the year.

If there's a mode that was really popular, there's a good chance you will see it over the coming weeks.

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