Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event: Start Date, Game Modes, Challenges & Skins

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As we approach Overwatch 2's Beta, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the plans for Overwatch events in 2022.

Instead of the usual events such as the Summer Games, Winter Wonderland, and others, they are now being replaced by the Anniversary Remix!

This means that some fan-favorite events Overwatch players know and love will be "remixed" and separated into three different volumes in a three-part event.

The first part of the upcoming event will be Anniversary Remix: Volume 1, which will take over Overwatch's annual celebration of its release. Here's what we know's in store across new Challenges, Skins, and more this year, and when things finally kick off!

LATEST: Counting Down to Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 1

We finally have a release date for Volume 1 of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix event, and it's coming very soon!

Volume 1 of the event will be live on April 5th, and we expect like most Overwatch events before it, it will go live at 2pm EST.

Follow along with our countdown to the event where we cover all the latest news up to launch here.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event Start Date

Overwatch Anniversary Remix will begin with Volume 1, which starts on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, and will run to Tuesday, April 25, 2022.

No start time has been announced but based on past events, we can expect Volume 1 with all of its challenges and skins to be available at 2 pm EST.

Volume 1 Game Modes

Seasonal brawls will be making a return with the Anniversary Remix Event. Each day, a new seasonal brawl will be available in arcade mode.

To start Volume 1, players will be able to partake in Junkenstein's Revenge as it will be available with Halloween Terror on April 6. This will be followed up by the Overwatch Archives' PvE around April 10.

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The rest of the game modes are to be determined - we will update accordingly with new information.

Volume 1 Challenges

Throughout the event, three previously weekly challenges will return, giving players a chance to unlock popular skins they may have missed the first time around. These include skins such as the popular Bastet Ana, Combat Medic Baptiste, and Nano D.Va.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event: Start Date, Game Modes, Challenges & Skins - Bastet Ana
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
CHALLENGING: Ana's Bastet skin was a part of Overwatch's Bastet Challenge

As for what the rest of the challenges are, this has yet to be revealed.

Volume 1 Skins

Apart from players being able to unlock any previous skins from the previous event, they will also be able to access "remixed" versions of some of the game's most-used skins.

A total of six old skins are getting makeovers for each volume and thanks to Overwatch source "OverwatchNaeri", players have been given a first look at what Volume 1's skins have to offer.

As seen in the pictures, some of Overwatch's most iconic heroes such as Mercy, D.Va and Genji will be amongst the first to have revamped skins.

All of these "remixed" Legendary skins will be available when Volume 1 goes live. Here is the list.

  • Demon Genji
  • Evermore Reaper
  • Mage Mercy
  • Steelhardt Reinhardt
  • White Cat D.VA
  • Zealot Zenyatta

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