What time does the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary Event start?

Overwatch Anniversary is back this year and it promises lots of new items. Though it may take you a while to get everything, here's when you can start

LATEST - It's Out

After some speculation and plenty of rumours, the Overwatch Anniversary event is finally live for anyone to play.

Just get the updates, boot up the game, and get earning those new skins. If you're looking for information on all the latest anniversary skins, we have you covered.

New Skins, Challenges & More

At the moment, we don't actually know too much about what's coming to Overwatch in this year's Anniversary event. Blizzard has started coverage just a couple of days before the event and their drip-feed approach to information means we only really know one thing.

Baptiste is getting an Anniversary skin and it's Funky. You can check out a better look at the new skin below:

We're also expecting Overwatch's Anniversary event to follow last year's trend and bring back all the old LTMs in a rotating playlist. This means Lucio Ball, Yeti Hunter, and all your favourite limited-time modes should be available from May 18th.

Furthermore, we're expecting weekly challenges to return as they have proven to be a popular addition over the last couple of years. These will task players with winning a set number of games each week to earn a series of rewards.

For example...

  • Win 3 games in any mode – Icon
  • Win 6 games in any mode – Spray
  • Win 9 games in any mode – Epic Skin

If you're having bad luck with Loot Boxes, this is a great way to get a couple of event-limited skins. It just means you need to make sure you're playing a little bit each week.

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