Overwatch 2 Next Hero - Newest hero release date and role announced

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Overwatch 2 developers have recently announced some new details for the next hero to join the roster.

December 6 will see the release of Rammattra, the new Omnic hero to join the game's roster.

However, there has already been some new information straight from the developers about the next hero.

The role and release date have been revealed in South Korea at a PR event.

So, let's take a look at the next hero in Overwatch 2 and what their role and release date may look like.

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Next hero Details Revealed

Overwatch 2 Commercial Lead Jon Spector and General Manager Walter Kong were asked about any further heroes in Overwatch 2.

They stated that Overwatch support fans are 'lucky' as the next hero in line for release will be in the support role.

Their official statement read as follows when put through Google Translate...

"We expect the next hero to be a stronger support hero"

Overwatch 2 fans can now rejoice as hopefully the support role improves in popularity and queue times decrease.

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New Hero Release Date

Although the specific release date was not revealed, some educated speculation can give us hints.

Ramattra is being released this season, and season three has been reported as having no new heroes.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra
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We can expect this new hero to be released in season 4, hopefully on the release date of that.

So, April 2023 looks like the time that the next hero will be added to the packed roster.

Of course, this has not yet been confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment, so take this all with a pinch of salt.

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