Pokemon Sword and Shield: More News Coming September 29?

Pokemon continues its immense legacy in the gaming world with the upcoming Sword and Shield title.

Dating back decades the series has reached astronomical proportions and has risen to become one of the most popular games of all time. Whenever there is a Pokemon game announced there is always skepticism towards it but there is also optimism, fans just want the best out of each Pokemon game.

Although the series has grown far out of its core roots, Nintendo has always strived to captivate fans through new Pokemon, mechanics, and regions whenever they can.

Now, we are quickly approaching the November 15th release date and with this looming date, we are starting to get more information about Sword and Shield.

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Last week there was an announcement set to be aired during the next Pokemon anime episode, which is currently in the Aloha region which was also the location of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Fans were speculating immensely into what this potential announcement could be, with it being an anime announcement fans thought this was going to be our next look at some new Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

Fans also suspected that Ash was going to traverse into the Galar region and this would set up a new Pokemon season along with the official unveiling of the Galar region to all of us. The episode was set to air on September 1, 2019, in Japan but not until the new year for western viewers, so we were relying on quick translation to figure out what exactly this major announcement could be. 

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So What Actually Happened?

During the official anime airing in Japan, the major announcement was essentially an announcement of an announcement. The Pokemon Company officially announced a new season of the Pokemon anime which will be centered around the new Pokemon Sword and Shield game, the short teaser clip also detailed that more news will be showcased on September 29.

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