Pokémon Go Fashion Week: Dates, Special Encounters, Raids, Field Research & More

The time has come again for Pokémon Go Fashion Week to roll around and deliver an in-game event for the world of trainers to explore, catch and run their way through while fleshing out their Pokedex.

With a lot of fashionable-themed additions to the game set to start appearing throughout the week, it can be hard to keep track of everything so that's why we've listed all the essentials for you below.

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Pokémon Go Fashion Week Dates & Times

For those wanting to jump into the game and do everything it has to offer, Pokémon Go Fashion Week begins on Tuesday 27th September 2022 at 10:00 local time and runs until Monday, 3rd October 2022 at 20:00 local time.

Unlike community days, any bonuses activated during this time will end at the same time as the event, so be sure to do whatever you need to do.

Pokémon Go Fashion Week Special Encounters

Pokémon Go Fashion Week Special Encounters
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This new week will see the introduction of two brand new Pokémon in the form of Mareanie and Toxapex, parts of the generation seven Pokedex.

This year's Pokémon Go Fashion Week will also see the introduction of new costumed Pokemon including a bowler hat-wearing Diglett, Absol wearing Sunglasses, and a Croagunk wearing a baseball cap.

Pokémon Go Fashion Week will also see the return of prior years' costumed Pokemon such as Butterfree, Blitzle and Kirlia.

Other Pokémon include Glameow, Gothita, Frillish and Furfrou which is a popular Pokémon on the global trading scene right now.

Raid Pokémon

A look at all the Pokémon Go Fashion Week raids
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There will also be some special raids running throughout this week, with a variety of different Pokémon to battle and capture. Below we have listed all of the different battles based on their star rating. Any pokemon with an (s) next to their name can be found as a shiny.

One-Star Raids

  • Costume Diglett (s)
  • Costume Shinx (s)
  • Costume Croagunk (s)
  • Scraggy
  • Furfrou (s)

Three-Star Raids

  • Costume Butterfree (s)
  • Costume Kirlia (s)
  • Costume Absol (s)
  • Mareanie

Five-Star Raids

  • Yveltal (s)


  • Mega Lopunny (s)

Field Research Encounters

Pokémon Go Fashion Week has field reseach tasks
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As always, there will be special field research encounters for players to complete during this week and we have listed those encounters below.

  • Eevee (s)
  • Murkrow (s)
  • Skitty (s)
  • Glameow (s)
  • Costume Croagunk (s)
  • Costume Blitzle (s)
  • Furfrou (s)
  • Mareanie

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