Pokemon Unite Patch Notes: Small but important quality life changes

Pokemon Unite released changes in the way players interact with teammates, changes in the shop, and other quality life tweaks that aim to make the experience more enjoyable.

Here is a detailed description of the changes included in this new update.

Release Date

Pokemon Unite patch went live on Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch on October 26, 2021, just seven days after the launch of the Halloween Festival and the release of Gredeent.

Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes
  • Specific Changes
    • Lobby
    • Friends
    • Events

Home Screen Changes

The previous version of the Pokemon Unite home screen was quite minimalistic, with some small buttons on both sides of the screen with the Trainers depiction in the company of their favorite Pokemon.

Image of the Home Screen in Pokemon Unite
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Pokemon Unite tweak the homscreen

The two changes in the home screen will allow the trainer to have more efficient access to critical sections.

Now players can see their list of friends their current status before this option was hidden behind the profile menu section.

The second change is the inclusion of a shortcut for the Event section, something very ad hoc, considering players revisit this part of the game often during the Halloween Festival.

Image of the shop in Pokemon Unite
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Shop also received small changes

Another change included in the Pokemon Unite patch is in the Shops. Now new items will be highlighted so players can be aware of new content.

Matchmaking screen in Pokemon Unite
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The game received a new lobby interface

Last but significant, Pokemon Unite includes a lobby interface in the matchmaking section, where trainers can easily coordinate and invite other players.

Greedent for Free

Greedent is the newest Pokemon, a very unique defender with fun mechanics and quite hard to eliminate.

TiMi Studios have decided to offer the Unite License as the big reward for the Halloween Festival Exchange event.

The only thing players need to do is complete the Halloween in Mer Stadium Mode missions to obtain enough Pumpkins to get Greedent.

The mission is relatively easy. The most important is to play as many games as possible of the Halloweeen Mode with your friends.

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