Pokemon Go Dia de Muertos: Dates, Encounters, Bonuses & Collection Challenge

Celebrate Dia De Muertos in Pokemon Go

Celebrate Dia De Muertos in Pokemon Go

One of the more famous holidays around the world, Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is now getting its representation in Pokemon Go with a brand new event.

The Dia De Muertos event is an unofficial continuation of the two-part Halloween event that's currently underway, with part one ongoing and part two covering the Halloween weekend.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Pokemon Go event.

Pokemon Go Dia De Muertos Date & Time

The third part of the three back-to-back events taking place across the Halloween Weekend begins on Tuesday, 1st November 2022 at 10:00am, and running for 24 hours until Wednesday, 2nd November 2022 at 10:00am.

Once the event ends, all bonuses and themed Pokemon will disappear, having their boosted spawn rates removed.

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Pokemon Debuts

Pokemon Go has some new debuts for Dia De Muertos
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The Dia De Muertos will have the Duskull line get some costumed variants to celebrate the festivities, with it and its evolutions getting a new cosmetic variant wearing a cempasúchil crown. Duskull can also be caught as a shiny with this variation if you're lucky.


The 2022 Dia De Muertos event in Pokemon Go has three bonuses
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There are only three event bonuses available during this Pokemon Go event, those being an increase to lure modules and incense along with 2x catching candy.

Wild Encounters

There is a collection wild pokemon encounters available in this Pokemon Go event
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Want to know where catching candy bonuses can be used? There is a selection of encounters available on Dia De Muertos in Pokemon Go and we have listed them all below and marked any shiny potential pokemon with (s).

  • Cubone (s)
  • Chinchou (s)
  • Sunkern (s)
  • Roselia (s)
  • Litwick (s)
  • Swirlix (s)
  • Costumed Duskull (s)
  • Drifloon (s)
  • Yamask (s)

Collection Challenge

There will also be a collection challenge in the Dia De Muertos Pokemon Go event
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We also know that a collection challenge will be the focal point of the Dia De Muertos event and while it is currently unknown what pokemon will be included, it is safe to assume that the list will primarily be consisting of wild encounters with some special incense encounters for the more difficult and rare Pokemon.

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