Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to get Digger Drill

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl is a game that relies highly upon exploration underground. The game will provide a variety of tools to manipulate the environment.

One of the most important is the Digging Drill.

The Digging Drill is a very peculiar tool, as is the first step for creating a Secret Base, an option that went missing for several Pokemon Games but is back for Pokemon BDSP remake.

Learn how to obtain this tool and how to use it below.

How to obtain the Digging Drill

There are two ways to obtain a Digging Drill in Pokemon BDSP.

The first one involved meeting the Underground Man and completing the first three missions he gave you, which involved digging and finding treasures.

Underground Man Location: He is the house next to the Pokemon Center in Eterna City.

The second way is buying more Digging Drills from the Sphere Trades in the Grand Underground.

You can identify these sellers as they look like hikers. Players can obtain Digging Drills in exchange for Small Spheres.

Small Sphere Traders Locations:

  • North of Eterna City
  • West of Eterna City
  • North East of Typhlo Cavern
  • West of Big Bluff Cavern
  • Southeast of Stargleam Cavern
Underground Man in Pokemon BDSP
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The Underground Man in Eterna City

How to use the Digging Drill

Trainers can use the Digging Drill to open a wall and create a Secret Room. The only thing you have to do is choose a wall, and Press A to burrow a hole into it. This will be the entrance of your base.

You do not have to be so picky in the location; it is possible to relocate Secret Rooms by purchasing another Digging Drill. Players can have only one Secret Base. The first will get dismantled once you dig a new door.

Secret Room in Pokemon BDSP
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Secret Rooms are back in Pokemon BDSP

Secret Room

Secret Rooms in Pokemon BDSP is a housing system. Trainers can place their Pokemon Statues. These statues will not only look fantastic, but they will increase your encounters with the Pokemon of the depiction.

There are pedestals available to customize your Secret Room. Also, there are unique statues made of Jade.

When there is no more room in a Secret Base, trainers can expand with specific traders.

Once you have your collection ready do not forget to take some epic pictures!

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