Switch Pro model reportedly planned for 2021 release

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According to a report from Takashi Mochizuki and Sohee Kim at Bloomberg, Nintendo is planning to release a new Switch Pro model later in 2021.

Nintendo's hope is to refresh demand for the handheld hybrid console towards holiday 2021, revealing it shortly before.

Switch Pro Specs

The report suggests that the new Switch model will feature a new screen designed by tech giants, Samsung.

The screen in question will be 7-inches, reducing the bezel on the system in handheld mode. It will be a 720p-resolution OLED screen, but the Switch Pro will be able to output in 4k when docked.

The 7-inch screen would be 0.8-inches bigger than the standard Switch, and 1.5-inches larger than the Lite version of the system.

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Whether the form factor of the Switch will change with the new model, it's unknown, but the bezel will have to shrink to fit the 7-inch screen if there aren't any changes to the rest of the device.

Nintendo's President, Shuntaro Furukawa, said in February that no Switch Pro was planned to be revealed “anytime soon,” but the reported partnership with Samsung suggests they're moving ahead with the upgrade quickly.

Release Date

While a specific release date hasn't been revealed, as you'd expect for a system that's yet to be announced, Bloomberg also reports that mass production is planned to start in the summer.

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If that is true, you can expect a Switch Pro to release in the latter months of the year, to get the Christmas sales boost.

Maybe a tie in with the release of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, or maybe even Breath of the Wild 2 if it's still planned to release this year, would be exciting.

If Nintendo officially reveal a new Switch model, we'll be sure to tell you all about it.

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