New Pokemon Snap: First look at Photo Mode

One of the most popular features in modern games is Photo Mode, something that wasn't possible on games back in the day.

Photo Mode allows players to pause the game and move the camera to take the best still image possible, using various features and filters to create the perfect picture.

It was announced that New Pokemon Snap will also have this feature, allowing players to take unique pictures of the Pokemon in their natural habitat.

First Look At Photo Mode

Being a photography game, it is obvious that the game would have a large focus on taking the best pictures possible, so a Picture Mode was inevitable.

Players can take a picture they took in-game and apply many filters and effects including zoom, focus, and exposure, this is definitely something that players could lose themselves in for hours.

Unfortunately the camera placement can't be changed, which would have allowed the possibility to get some really unique shots.

But, once the picture is complete, players can sahare it in-game with other Pokemon fans, or even on social media so friends and family can see just how great your photography skills are.

Release Date

New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


Check out the trailer for New Pokemon Snap below.

In the trailer we see the main character get into a similar vehicle to Bill, from the original game, and set off on their adventure to capture cute pictures of wild Pokemon.

It also appears we can choose between male and female which has become standard in Pokemon games.

Various Pokemon across most generations were revealed, including all three starters from the most recent Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as familiar faces such as Pichu.

Gameplay wise it seems like it will be very similar to the 1999 original, but modernized and improved upon.

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