NHL 24: What are XP Collectibles?

What are XP Collectibles in NHL 24?

What are XP Collectibles in NHL 24?

Given that the latest edition of the ice hockey simulation came out a week ago, you probably had enough time to check out new features and game modes. One of the new features in NHL 24 is XP Collectibles, and in this guide, we’ll explain what are XP Collectibles in NHL 24.

In previous editions of the game, EA Sports had Seasonal Collectibles, which could have been redeemed through the Daily Rewards pack and Objectives. Now, the developers switched the Seasonal Collectibles for XP Collectibles.

Here is what the NHL 24 Hockey Ultimate Team players should know about the XP Collectibles.

XP Collectibles in NHL 24: How they work?

The Hockey Ultimate Team has special sets called #HUT99 sets that require XP Collectibles to complete. However, these collectibles do not count towards any season reward system. To find out more about XP Collectibles in NHL 24, go to the Sets folder and check out the Quest for #HUT99 sets. Here, you'll find a series of Level XP Collectible sets that increase in difficulty as you progress. As the level of the set increases, the required number of XP Collectibles needed to complete it will also increase.

XP Collectibles in NHL 24 is a new feature
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Complete all daily objectives to earn XP Collectibles

Once a player completes a Level set, they will receive a reward in the form of a player or a pack, as well as a #HUT99 Collectible. This collectible can be used to claim a free 99 OVR card in Hockey Ultimate Team at a later date. To obtain the Ultimate Prize Set, you will need to collect forty #HUT99 collectibles. New Levels will be added throughout the year.

How to get XP Collectibles in NHL 24?

You can get XP Collectibles in NHL 24 in various ways, such as logging in daily for the free Daily Reward pack, or by completing Objectives. Please note that Daily Rewards packs can only be claimed once every 24 hours.

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