Xbox Series X Controller UPDATE: Unusual decision to include 'old school' feature

With Microsoft dropping a ton of Xbox Series X Specs that all seem to be driving technology forward, people were surprised at one choice in particular.

Start checking underneath your sofa and eyeing up which of your television remotes to sacrifice - as Xbox Series X controllers can require batteries.

Yes, in a time of wireless recharging, Microsoft have decided to go against the grain. But why? One word, 'Choice'.

"The Xbox Wireless Controller uses AA batteries in order to offer choice to players," explained a spokesperson from Microsoft.

"This way, gamers can choose whether they use disposable AA batteries, rechargeable AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack."

xbox series x controller
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REFINED: The Xbox Series X Controller has been shaped to accommodate different hand sizes

Youtuber Austin Evans had this to say with his hands on: " know, obviously if you REALLY value AA batteries, that's an option..."

With meaningful changes to accommodate different hand sizes and an improved d-pad, not to mention the inclusion of share button - it's a slightly strange decision to not go ahead with an upgrade.

xbox series x d pad
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UPGRADE: The D pad has been improved significantly

That being said hype behind the Xbox Series X is deservedly enormous right now and we can't wait to see what's in store.

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