Xbox Series X: Controller is great, but don't drop your Elite

After years of hype, next-gen consoles are nearly here.

Some lucky souls have been playtesting Microsoft's most powerful console, the Xbox Series X and come away with a few major takeaways.

Xbox Series X controller

Using the new console for a reported two weeks (!!), Business Insider's Ben Gilbert has given some feedback about the console, and one of his biggest takeaways is around the controller.

xbox series x controller 1
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THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT: They look just like the Xbox One controllers, but with a few extras

They look almost identical to the current-gen controllers, but there are a few changes.

A textured grip around the back has been added to the back and to the triggers, which Gilbert reports as landing with a satisfying thud.

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There is also a new screenshot button in the middle to make it much easier to capture your amazing gaming moments.

Then there is the d-pad, which has the added diagonal direction input for extra precision.

It looks familiar, but upgraded, which is just what you would expect from a next-gen controller.

Still not Elite

However, thanks to Microsoft insisting on compatibility across the board, you might not need to use it.

There's nothing about the controller that is revolutionary. Your trusty Xbox One controller will work with the Series X and unless you've ripped up the stick or pounded the buttons into submission there isn't a need to swap.

Xbox Elite 2
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PRO GAMER MOVE: The Elite Controller 2 is a game-changer

Then there's the amazing Elite Controller 2. With its variable trigger depths and four rear paddles, the Elite 2 is a go-to for any gamer on Xbox.

Stock has been stretched thin this year as gamers flock to it, and rightfully so.

The Elite 2 will be compatible with the Series X, so if you have one then you might not ever pick up the new controller.


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