Travis Scott and PS5 EXPLAINED: What could we see from the partnership between Sony PlayStation and Travis Scott?

The PS5 release date is closing in, and Sony PlayStation appear to have a few more surprises up their sleeves, namely a partnership with American rapper Travis Scott.

But what do we know so far, and what exactly does this partnership mean for the future of Sony PlayStation?

Strategic Creative Partner

Sony PlayStation posted the following on Twitter, announcing that Travis Scott will be joining as a strategic creative partner.

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You could argue that whenever the words 'strategic', 'creative', and 'partner' are mashed together, it's a little all-encompassing to pinpoint exactly what the role entails - but does the blog post shed some more light?

PlayStation / Nike / Cactus Jack

According to the blog, Sony PlayStation, 'plan on collaborating with Travis and his Cactus Jack brand to produce innovative projects'.

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CLOTHING? This isn't the first time Travis Scott has collaborated on footwear

What these projects are exactly is still yet to be revealed, however, the short video to accompany the announcement appears to show off one exciting collaboration.

The shoes featured in the video are the Nike Dunk Low and have a PlayStation logo printed on them.

Thanks to the video being black and white, we'll have to guess what colour these are, and indeed, when they'll become available.

What could we expect from the partnership?

With information light on exactly what the creative partnership entails, we can only speculate as to what to expect in the future - but we do have some ideas.

PS5 events with Travis Scott could be an obvious option, especially with the success of in-game events such as Travis Scott's Fortnite concert.

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THE POSSIBILITIES: Could this be the start of something special?

Could we end up seeing some PS5 special edition controllers and skins make an appearance?

As much as we would love to see it, we certainly wouldn't expect to get anything like this soon.

While details are thin on the ground at this stage, we're interested to see where this partnership is going, and indeed, if we could expect to see more collaborations with other influential artists in the future.

For all the latest on PS5 and more, be sure to check back in with us.

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